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Highest Paying URL Shortener in 2024

Not be known to many, URL shortening is one of the finest, simplest, and trustworthy ways to make money as a publisher/website owner.

What is a link Shortener?

Link shortener networks enable the publishers to earn money at the time when a person clicks the shortened link. Such a shortened link opens an advertising window first, and when the user clicks the skip ad button, he lands on the right page.

Also, it should be noted that to make money from this technique, the website is not mandatory. If the person wants to use the website to make money, it can be a quick way forward. You can place the shortened URL links on your social media handles or anywhere. If any of the visitors clicks on the links, some amount of money will be automatically added to the URL shortener account.

The Concept

The concept of link shortener networks is straightforward. You only need to shorten long URLs people want to visit. Share the shortened links with your audience. You may have the audience on social media, forums, Q&A sites, or on your website. Whenever someone opens the shortened link, he lands on a screen, watches an advertisement, skips it, and lands on the main long URL. Meanwhile, you earn money behind the scenes.


After reading this, many of you might get certain questions, such as which URL shortener pays the highest? Or which is the finest URL shortener?

You can also get your ads campaign onboard through such ads. This ad opens in a full browser window and has the minimum visibility of 5-10 seconds(depends on your bidding).

But before that let us check out the payment options available.

  • Paypal
  • PayTM
  • Payoneer
  • UPI
  • Skrill
  • Payeer, and many others

List of sites

We have listed below some of the best URL shortener sites. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the list.

Yet another URL shortener platform where you can make a regular income just by shortening URLs is Uiz. You can start today and promote your links to make money on each link clicked.

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shotlyio offers competitive rates, their rates are high as compared to other legit URL shorteners. Their minimum payout rate is $25 /10k views. You can earn Up to $120/10k views. check payout rates.


  • Advanced API
  • Mass Shrink
  • Quick Links
  • Full Page Script
  • Bookmarklet
  • Referral Program: 20%
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Well, is one such name that almost everyone in the affiliate industry knows about. You can consider it as a premium network to advertise because the quality filters are very strict and you need to have a great campaign/strategy to start advertising with them. On the other hand, you get to serve only quality ads to your audience, which again adds value to your work. Guess how you track the performance of your traffic? In real time.

Talking about the money, the minimum payout is $10 and the website offers up to $12 for every 1000 views and also it offers a referral commission of about 20%.

I don’t want to avoid the referral program in any condition because you get 20% of what your referrals earn. They earn 1000 USD and you get 200$ just for inviting that super cool buddy.

  • Website script for outbound links, exit pops and Pop ads.
  • Referral program
  • WordPress Plugin to start earning money
  • Banners to promote the referral program and boost up your earnings
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The price offered by is up to $20 per 1000 visits, also the minimum CPM rate is $3. While earning colossal money just by posting short links on the internet seems impossible, makes it a real deal for you. Especially if you have an audience from Greenland, can fill your bank accounts.

It is always a bounty when you have an audience from a targeted niche and geographical vertical. It not only defines your website’s reach but also defines how much you can earn from advertising/ affiliate marketing.

Talking about payments, you don’t have to wait long to get your first payout if you have good-quality traffic. The minimum payout is only 5USD which is paid through PayPal, Bitcoin, Paytm, Mobicash, Payoneer or Wire transfer.

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The most trusted and reliable URL shortening service that works hard to make you earn sound money stands in the list of top URL shorteners of 2024. In this site the minimum payout is $5 and it pays up to $9 for every 1000 views and also the referral commission for about 20%.

Adfly is so well-known network that affiliates are obsessed with it. It is first choice for a large number of affiliates when they start a new website to earn money with URL shortener. The USD being the automated script which you can install on your server and get the ball rolling in, people tend to work with them for a long term. The detailed API is yet another thing you can feel good about.

Not only for affiliates, Adfly is such a paradise for advertisers. All you need to have is five bucks to start your campaign with adf aka Adflly. PayPal and Payoneer are the main payment options available with them which is good enough to start your campaign or to start making money.

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shrinkme io

It is yet another high paying URL shortener advertising network in 2024. ShrinkMe pays up to $220 for 10000 views and its minimum CPM(cost per thousand impressions) rate is $3. The minimum withdrawal limit is dramatically very low $5. The interesting part is that they offer you support not only on email and live chat system installed on their website but also through skype and Facebook messenger. This is really notable that you can seek help regarding advertising/monetizing through ShrinkMe even on Facebook and skype. The daily payment system is worth a mention.

I will recommend ShrinkMe to you not only if you’re a publisher/affiliate but also if you’re an advertiser.

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In this the payout for 1000 views is up to $14 and the minimum amount is $4, also the minimum withdrawal is $3.
The cost per thousand views is comparatively very high that it can make you earn around $120 for 20k views. Such payout per thousand views is already a big thing for any url shortener. But If you have traffic from a few selected countries, you could earn even more than that.

You’re losing huge money on table if you’re not using Shortzon to make money from your outbound links.

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Talking about this, the minimum payout for 1000 views is up to $11. A very easy to use platform where all you have to do after shortening links is – Bring a load of traffic to those links. A perfect tracking system is always a basic need for performance marketing and Linkvertise uses an efficient way to track clicks. This ensures that you get paid everytime someone opens your shortened links.

All the links you create can not only be categorized but also will be safe in your Linkvertise dashboard. In the dashboard, you get access to see the traffic coming in to your links and how much money you’re making. Apart from this, you can find, edit or delete any shortened link you create through the platform.

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This site offers payout of up to $14.5 for every 1000 views and the minimum withdrawal is $4. In case you have a huge mobile traffic, you get the chance to earn around 20$ for every 1000 views. The only thing you need to do is to drive traffic from the top countries like United States or United Kingdom.

With its headquarters in United States, VivAds strives to offer you the most reasonable cost advertising and monetization. As an advertiser, you will get traffic that does not match the traffic criteria you need to successfully advertise your campaign. But the interesting fact is that you will not be charged anyway for such traffic.

You also can entertain a sound commission of 35% when you introduce your friend to VivAds.

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Shrtfly again is one of the top 20 URL shortener service that pays you for each time someone clicks on your link and watches an ad. You can start making money today with Shrtfly where the payout is up to $14 for 1000 views. The minimum amount you get paid for 1000 views is $3.

They come up with a thoroughly explained and documented API to help you out shortening links even faster.

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ClicksFly network offers up to $15 for every 1000 views and a 20% referral commission as well. So, when you invite your friends to earn money the same way you do, you get 20% of what they earn. Isn’t it profitable? Of course, it is. You can withdraw your earnings once you reach 5$ minimum payment threshold.

Since ClicksFly is an Indian network, you can get paid by Paytm, Payoneer, and many more payment methods you like.

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The Catch of the Post

If you want to make money from these sites, you must join any of the given networks and get started. In a nutshell, URL shorteners can be beneficial if used properly.

Disclaimer: Affiliateshot is not associated with any of the networks listed here. Please check the reviews of the network before working with them because there are a lot of scams coming out in the industry.

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