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Best Travel Affiliate Programs for bloggers in 2020

Traveling has always been a way human beings have given themselves that adrenaline rush. Adventure in the wild, relaxing on the beach or campfire in the mountains, makes you fall in love with your place in this world.

Traveling has changed over the years. From tourist tours to solo, and now with the boom of the internet, the experiences have changed for the better. The planning department of how to travel far does give you a headache, and you can save a lot of money by doing things yourself. Every single person knows all this.

Now you just have to choose travel affiliate programs and earn money as people travel to places they like.

List of 17 Travel Affiliate Programs

travel affiliate programs

Being a travel blogger is not easy, yet the experience is not comparable. Learning many new things on the journey and you have to make the planning experience worthwhile and fun, with as many options as possible. In order for you to make some money on your journey, we have listed some of the travel affiliate programs below.

Airbnb Affiliate Program


Airbnb is a big name in the Traveling industry, and they provide you with two options under their travel affiliate programs. The first one is the Guest Affiliate Program, which will give you access to any Airbnb feature listing on your website or page. This will enable you to earn a commission based on bookings by your audience. The second one is the Host Affiliate Program, under which if you qualify, you will make extra money as an Airbnb host. In this scheme, you have to show people that they can be potential hosts for Airbnb, and anyone who gets connected through you, Airbnb will provide commission. Airbnb’s referral program will also help you increase your income as anyone can earn a commission of up to $72 for a successful referral.

Travelpayouts Affiliate Program

If you want to find a complete package for Traveling, this is the place you should look. This affiliate program can help you with all the aspects a traveler might need, like having a vast network of flights, hotels, car rentals, and much more. Since this is a complete package, people will be free from the hassle of jumping from website to website and, therefore, more likely to check out the given link. The company has served almost all over the world and has a particular emphasis on holiday destinations. The cookie period is about 30 days. Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, helps you book hotel rooms at any place you want. Managed by Travelpayouts affiliate network itself, their travel affiliate programs are free and easy to join. A famous player in the traveling industry has many benefits to subscribe to the affiliate program. Hotel bookings are commissioned based on stay, and the amount is paid after 90 days. The commission rate is 4%, and the minimum payout amount is 100 Euro. The focus is on cash backs, social media ads, motivated traffic, and contextual advertisement. Promotional codes are not allowed on

Amazon Associates

When someone hears the word, they mostly picture the website where everything is available. Since everyone needs to have some necessary things for them to travel, Amazon provides the best variety. Things like traveling gear, clothes, cameras, and other Traveling gear can be bought from Amazon. Now, since there are different categories of things, the commission depends on the type you are promoting through your page or any other way. Groups consisting of clothing, bags, and such items will offer you a 7% commission and categories related to camping, hiking, and other adventure-related things that will give you a 5.5% commission.

Agoda Affiliate Program


If a person has to find accommodation for a stay in a simplified or otherwise destination, this is the website they need to load up. With over 950,000 accommodations worldwide, the perfect home away from home is straightforward to find. The marketers will not have a problem in pitching the services through their websites. The commission is provided based on the number of referrals. With 50 references in a month, there is a commission rate of about 35%. Suppose there are more than 1000 referrals per month, the rate increases to about 60%. Since the Agoda’s website and app are multilingual, you can reach a far wider audience than usual. They also offer excellent support with their team to guide as you start as an affiliate.

FlipKey Affiliate Program


FlipKey is a marketplace for vacation rental places around the world. This service lets people list their property as a potential host for the visitors, and then the profits are divided. They also run an affiliate program which is managed by CJ affiliates. It is not hard to promote this service as they have more than 850,000 properties registered almost all over the world. FlipKey is the part of TripAdvisor Rentals and offers a 4% commission and seven days of cookie length. Affiliate Program is another company that can give you commission money if people use your link to the book. The traffic on your page will determine the number of bookings made from the link. Becoming an affiliate program member does make you get a commission of about 4.92%, and this is possible only with the help of the intermediary network.

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

tripadvisor travel affiliate programs

TripAdvisor is a famous brand among tourists. The company acts as a complete network of all things related to Traveling. You can find everything on the website form flights to hotels and car rentals to unique attractions. The affiliate program will allow you to use the TripAdvisor brand and earn good revenue. You can get a 50% commission of every booking through your link. This affiliate program’s unique feature is that you can earn just by diverting traffic through to TripAdvisor and their partners. They provide a 14-day referral window, and if a visitor returns in that window, the commission will be delivered.

Wego Affiliate Program

This affiliate program offers marketers to promote flights and hotel bookings. Commissions will be paid on bookings from your link. The commission system does not work like other affiliate programs. Here, the ‘exit clicks’ method is used in which a visitor has to go through a partner site from Wego, whom you forwarded from your link. Payments are made through PayPal, and the minimum amount to transfer is $100. And if you want wire transfer, the minimum amount increases to $500. The payment structure is set up as $0.20 to $.80 for each hotel click. For flight bookings, $0.05 to $0.40 per flight click.

Aviasales Affiliate Program

Aviasales is not a typical flight booking website. The website is an assistant which helps you in finding the best flight deals and cheapest hotel bookings. They don’t sell or book any tickets but provide offers from airlines all over the world. The website acts as a search engine for flights. You can search for various destinations and various timings, but buying tickets is entirely up to you. As promoters, it is easy to promote their service as they have value in what they are doing. Cookie duration is 30 days, and the commission rate to 50 sales is 1.3%. It increases to 1.4% after 50 purchases.

Expedia Affiliate Program


Expedia is one of the famous names in the tourist industry which deals with all things travel. They offer booking hotels, tickets, car rentals and much more. The traffic generated on your website or blog can help you generate revenue if you join the Expedia Affiliate Program. There are many advantages in choosing Expedia as an affiliate like superior inventory, powerful brand image, additional income, and complete support system. The commission is about 6% per sale. Data feeds, and the management provides other promotion-related tools for ensuring you get success in your work.

Kayak Affiliate Program


Kayak is a travel-related search engine and does the job of providing excellent deals on modes of Traveling. It does s brilliant job of providing the best options for airline tickets, car rentals, hotel bookings, and vacation packages, etc. at the lowest price possible. The commission is as high as 50%, but the cookie period is only 30 minutes. So if any user books any flight or hotel within the first 30 minutes after visiting the website, only then the commission is viable. Kayak serves people worldwide with multi-language support and has hold of all popular touring destinations.

Priceline Affiliate Program

priceline - travel affiliate programs

Priceline is in the business of Traveling facilities for more than two decades, is an online travel agency. They are a quite big and reputed company which owns many other ventures such as The commission rate is generally about 3% if any visitor from your link books flight, hotel rooms or rent a car, etc. Price runs quite an efficient affiliate program and helps new promoters via their support team and also provide with account managers to assist them.

ClaimCompass Affiliate Program

ClaimCompass is a unique company in the broad market of travel assistance. Their aim as a company is not to get people to their destination but also to get compensated when people experience hiccups on their journey. Things such as disruption of flight or not having a standard of experience while Traveling is some of the reasons a traveler can file a claim. To join the affiliate program is quite easy, and you will get about 15 Euros as a commission. Another good thing is that it offers a cookie duration of 90 days, which is outstanding. The period to file a claim for a traveler is about three years from the date of the incident and the support staff is present for both the customers and you.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

skyscanner -travel affiliate programs

Skyscanner is one of the popular websites used to compare prices for flights, car rentals, and more in an instant. The benefits of indulging in the Skyscanner affiliate program include a short payout window and access to every country worldwide. They offer a variable rate for click out, which generally starts at 0.20 Euros. Affiliates can also monetize the traffic, which is the number of users planning their travel from researching the destination to confirming it. Members can earn up to 50% commission on single booking of flight tickets, car rentals, and combined reservations, though the starting commission is generally 20%.

EconomyBookings Affiliate Program

Economy bookings - travel affiliate programs

EconomyBookings is an international car rental service that has an association with many car rental companies. The company has an extensive range, be it on a popular tourist destination or a locally trending spot. With more than 175,000 cars to choose from, travelers can find the vehicle they want to be part of their happy memories. Unlike most other car rental services, their Geo-targeting area is the whole world. This is easily done by every significant language support they have. The commission is 50% of EconomyBookings’ revenue, and the cookie period is 30 days.

CruiseDirect Affiliate Program

travel affiliate programs

CruiseDirect is the first place to look for when you want to book your home on a cruise. Their affiliate program does provide 3% of the commission, and the cookie duration is 45 days. They also provide their affiliates with banner ads, text advertisements, and search boxes. One thing to remember is that the booking prices of the cruise are high and 3% makes for a lot of money.

Wrapping up

These are some of the companies with travel affiliate programs. They have the right brand image in the market of Traveling assistance, and ideally, you would want to choose one of the mentioned to get going in this niche.

The market may seem quite challenging to get into, but this is the case with almost every industry and related markets. Like everything in life, one needs to initially put some effort and then enjoy the profits that come with increased traffic on your blog or website.

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