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TrafficStars Review: High-Quality Ad Network in 2024

Finding a quality ad network is next to impossible as most of them fail to deliver what they commit. Not anymore, as we have an exclusive TrafficStars review that provides high-quality ads.

About TrafficStars

TrafficStars is made by IT experts with a good understanding of what the publishers and advertisers need. The team makes it possible to offer high-quality traffic serving the best ads from around the world.

Over 50+ employees put their effort into providing a self-serve advertising network. The staff is located in 3 offices located in Cyprus, Barcelona, and Montreal.

Clients & Team

Top clients around the world trust its services and have built their businesses with 100% success. The reason for businesses to be successful is the team behind with over 15 years of online advertising experience.

Advertising Statistics

From 100 M daily impressions to 3 B daily impressions, TrafficStars strives to deliver the best traffic.

TrafficStars is for advertisers and publishers ready to buy and sell quality traffic in a few clicks. The platform is intuitive, easy to understand, and requires minimal effort to operate for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

Top Reasons to Choose TrafficStars

TrafficStars is a premium self-serve ad network with high-quality adult traffic.

It serves more than 3 billion ad impressions per day on our Exclusive Publisher xHamster and Premium Publishers such as PornHub, Spankbang,, GotPorn, and many more.

TrafficStars is an eBay to use self-serve advertising network and ad exchange. Want to know why thousands of advertisers and publishers choose to work with TrafficStars?

Here are the top reasons that we had to cover in the TrafficStars review for publishers & advertisers.

Ad impressions

TrafficStars is known to deliver over 3 billion ad impressions daily from exclusive traffic sources. With this amount of daily impressions, advertisers have tremendous growth by access to premium worldwide traffic. Accessing high-quality exclusive traffic sources from worldwide is at your fingertips.

Dedicated Support

Every publisher gets assigned a dedicated account manager. At any time, you find it difficult in choosing any offer, you can get help from your assigned manager.

Advanced Technology

TrafficStars has 5 data centers located globally that serve ad impressions quickly so you don’t miss any traffic counts. With its state-of-the-art technology and global servers, it delivers 50K impressions per second.


With machine learning technology, most of the tasks are automated. All your campaigns are auto-optimized by artificial neural network algorithms. Machine learning requires experienced people with in-depth knowledge. TrafficStars has a committed IT experienced staff working in the advertising industry for over a decade.

Detailed Reports:

To understand how your ad campaigns are performing, you get detailed real-time statistics. The graphical reports cover the most important metrics like impressions, clicks, and more. You can download the report & analyze the campaigns. You can decide which campaigns are high performing and which ones need to be stopped.

What Ad Formats Are Supported?

There are numerous ad formats that TrafficStars supports for publishers and advertisers. It provides easy and effective ad format solutions to buy & sell exclusive premium traffic in a snap.

Different ad formats to look for at TrafficStars include:

Banners, Native Ads, Video Pre-Roll, Video IM Slider, Video X Pre-Roll, Push, Popunder, and Full Page Interstitial.


It is the oldest form of displaying ads with 100% fill rate for any format. The formats could be 300Ă—250, 315Ă—300, 900Ă—250, 728Ă—90, 250Ă—150, 300Ă—100 with ready scripts available.

Native Ads

The native ads are customizable and appear perfectly fit on any site consisting of an image, banner name, and headline. They are highly converting as the ads are displayed depending upon the users interest. With this ad format, publishers get paid every time a thumbnail is viewed. Advertisers save money as they have to pay only for the creatives seen by the users.

Video Pre-Roll

An innovative video ad format that plays a video ad before the start of the video for up to 30 seconds. It uses VAST technology with a CTA that ensures high conversion rate. After the video ad, a follow-up banner displaying the brand name & product logo is displayed. This engages audiences and results in a high conversion rate.

Video IM Slider

Another kind of video ad that delivers instant message dialog messages in the form of video. The ad runs for up to 30 seconds and the size & frequency capping could be easily customized. It is available in ready to use scripts and could be customized in pixels or % of the screen size.

Video X Pre-Roll

This kind of video ad is non-clickable with an advertiser link in the top right and a CTA in the middle. It works seamlessly with all the major video players. Publishers can easily integrate it on their site and grab more visitors’ attention.

Push Notifications

One of the most  favorable ad formats is push notifications as it is simply unavoidable. Users tend to click on the notifications that they have subscribed to, and agreed to the terms. The push notifications contain two images, the brand’s name and a headline. Push notifications support desktop, mobile, and tablet increasing the chances of more visibility.


It works like push notifications but appears in a side tab or behind the main browser window. User’s don’t get disturb with these kinds of ads and this is what makes it an ideal choice to grab the user’s attention.

Full Page Interstitial

It is a brand new ad format that triggers on a user’s click. It appears on a full screen between two pages of content. Full page interstitial ad is a compliant ad format that is easily dismissible by a user.

Publisher Advantages

For publishers, it is necessary to have an advertising platform that provides latest features, high converting offers, and on-time payments.

If you are a publisher, read TrafficStars review to understand the benefits of joining this network. You will enjoy your journey with TrafficStars reaching result-oriented revenues with best experience.

Here are the top advantages of joining TrafficStars as a publisher:

Ad Spot Creator

There are plenty of ad formats that could be customized to the fullest for best user experience. Publishers can easily integrate pre-set ad formats with minimal effort and start generating revenues.

Safe Ads

All ads served across any vertical are free from spam and vulnerabilities. Keeping in mind the Better Ads standard, TrafficStars flagging system controls all the verticals. With quality ads served across all channels, publishers can monetize their site and maximize revenues.

Customizable Ad Formats

There are so many ad formats that publishers could choose to monetize any kind of site. The platform is quite simple to use, and even newbies can integrate ads in a snap. Publishers can customize these ads and start selling traffic to earn money online in a few minutes. If you face any technical difficulties, you can contact the support manager and get it resolved.

Payment Methods

The minimum payout is very low with multiple payment methods to choose from. You could choose any payment method supported in your region/country.

Supported payment methods include Paypal, Paxum, Cosmopay, ePayService, European SEPA Transfer, and International WIRE Transfer.

Once you have chosen your preferred payment method, all the payments will get processed automatically.

All the payments get processed considering the advertiser’s terms and conditions. If any payment is not processed, you can talk to the support team and know the reasons.

Other Features

TrafficStars ensures 100% fill rate with all the traffic monetization worldwide. All the ads are Google compliant with compliant ad formats, so you won’t face any trouble.

A compliance team is there to take care of your site safety around the clock. For any help related to anything, you can contact your dedicated account manager.

For instance, you have trouble running the ads, then your account manager is ready to help you with it. If you want to succeed and stay ahead of your competitors, then you need a great monetization strategy.

With detailed statistical reports, you can identify the performance of ads running on your site. The insights will help you determine the loopholes and build a successful traffic monetization strategy.

Advertiser Advantages

Advertisers need high quality bot-free traffic to increase their sales by reaching a real audience. If you are an advertiser, then read TrafficStars review to understand its platform.

Advertisers can avail the following benefits and advantages from TrafficStars advertising platform:

Self-Serve Platform

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, TrafficStars self-serve platform is built for everyone. You have multiple pricing models to choose from like CPM, CPC, CPMV, and DCPM.

Guaranteed ad placement

Your brand name and its product logo will get displayed on premium ad spots. You get access to high-quality exclusive traffic sources boosting your sales and growing your reach.

Real-time Reporting

Get detailed reports in real-time that shows the number of impressions, clicks, sales, and more. After analyzing the performance of each campaign, you could export the reports and share it with your team.

Easy To Use

Setting up a campaign is easy and takes only a minute. Simply, enter your name, traffic type, add the categories, choose multiple ad formats, targeted countries, and more. Its user-friendly platform makes media buying hassle-free for novice and experienced fellas.

Intuitive Tools

Increase your campaign ROI with targeting options like language, devices, OS, browsers, keywords, IP, carriers, etc. By segmenting your target audience, you could optimize and boost your ROI.

Real-Time Bidding

This extensive feature allows you to choose your bid according to the target and ad placement. Real-time bidding helps you choose your budget and pay only for the resources you use, saving you a lot of money.


TrafficStars is a growing ad network with simplicity yet powerful features. I hope TrafficStars review was helpful for both publishers and advertisers.

Join TrafficStars self-serve advertising platform and access billions of impressions daily with exclusive high-quality traffic.