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Traffic Nomads Review: Best Self-Service Ad Network

Are you looking for exclusive push traffic with high converting ad offers? So, presenting to you in this post is the Traffic Nomads review made by media buyers to connect advertisers with publishers.

Before you join Traffic Nomads, let us show you what it offers to its publishers and advertisers around the world.

About Traffic Nomads


Traffic Nomads is an advertising platform based in Lisbon, Portugal, with a dedicated team of experienced media buyers. 

It is a self-service platform designed by media buyers to provide high converting traffic to the advertisers. 

Traffic Nomads is an advertising network designed to help advertisers & media buyers achieve superb results.

Here, you get around the clock support and various ad formats to choose from. Ad formats available include Push, Pop, In-Page push, Calendar, Banners, and Native.

All the ad formats support both mobile and desktop that increases traffic monetization. 

Why Choose Traffic Nomads?


Want to know how Traffic Nomads can take you the extra mile in your affiliate journey?

Here are the top reasons that would make you think twice before deciding not to join this ad network.

High-performing Verticals:

You have multiple niches to choose from for traffic monetization. Choose high-converting offers in verticals like Crypto, Dating, eCommerce, Sweepstakes, MVAS, and Dating.

Multiple Ad Formats:

Push notifications:

Push notifications are the latest ad format and the most trending one. It is because it provides a high CTR for mobile devices. 

Users receiving push notifications often tend to click on them that increases the chances of sales.


Pop ad formats are the best for lead generation and help test new landing pages and run A/B tests. 

It is one of the best ways to make users interact with the ads as it is unavoidable. 

In-Page Push:

In-page push is similar to traditional push notifications but has a higher CTR. The reason for the high CTR is that the user is part of the publisher’s website. 

So, if you want to test a new campaign, the in-page push is the best way to do so.


Not many of you would have heard of the Calendar ad format. In this format, the ads get scheduled on the user’s device calendar directly. 


Native ads appear in the form of video or article matching the content of the site. This ad format has more engagement than regular banner ads as it is more specific to the user’s interest.


The oldest form of displaying ads is a banner that remains permanent on the website, obtaining some space. You can show banner ads in the header, footer, or sidebar. 

24/7 Support:

Every advertiser gets a dedicated account manager to help them in achieving their goals. The manager help affiliates choose the right offers in their niche resulting in high ROI. 

Traffic Nomads send personalized optimization and media buying tips every week right in your email inbox. These tips help you grow yourself in the network.

Clean dashboard:


Track your ads performance in real-time with multiple KPIs and download the reports on your computer. You can filter out the campaigns that generate profit and stop the ones that incur a loss.

The dashboard helps you access all the campaigns in all the verticals, so you can choose to run any campaign.

Pros and Cons


  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • The platform provides exclusive push traffic with its own 50M userbase.
  • 100% bot-free traffic.
  • A/B testing of all the GEOs, funnels, and verticals gets carried out every week.
  • Offers brand protection with in-house technology that prevents fraud.
  • Different pricing models like CPM and CPC are supported.
  • Supported payment methods include PayPal, Credit Card, Wire, and Paxum.
  • Advance targeting via RTB, and supports various targeting methods like Device, Language, IP, GEO, OS, Browser, Website, Time, and Demographic targeting.


  • If you are a newbie, you will need to invest some time and build optimization techniques. 

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Should Publishers Join Traffic Nomads?


Publishers can monetize their site traffic in multiple premium ad formats. The supported ad formats include Push, pops, in-page Push, calendar, banners, and native.

Advance targeting and integration methods like OpenRTB and JSON help target audiences effectively.

With worldwide coverage of advertisers in every niche helps publishers monetize all of their traffic.

There is no delay in payments with the minimum payment threshold being $50. 

The technical is located in Portugal and always ready to help you achieve your goals in less time.

Publishers get rewarded for delivering high-quality traffic with direct partnerships with advertisers and bidding models.

Bottom Line

At the end of Traffic Nomads review, you must have had an idea of how it differentiates from other ad platforms.

Looking at the reviews, pros, and features offered by Traffic Nomads, we highly recommend joining it.

We hope the Traffic Nomads review helped you understand its platform. Join the world’s first nomad company and get expert assistance to achieve your goals.