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SOAX Proxy Review: The Best Residential Proxy Provider Online

The market offers many different options and choosing the right one can be a bit tedious. But worry not! Let me introduce to you one of the best proxy tools out there: SOAX proxy

Having a proxy server that acts as a safety net between you and the internet, can improve security and your overall experience of internet usage. Proxy servers have different levels of functionality and privacy depending on what your needs are.

SOAX has a very pocket-friendly pricing range. And their system is very secure and easy to use. But well, just like any other tools SOAX proxy too has its advantages and disadvantages.

But it shows a lot of promise and has a lot of satisfied customers ready to vouch for it.  So instead of just boasting about this tool in this article, I will give a detailed and honest review of the SOAX proxy tool so that you can select the best proxy tool out there. Let’s get going.

About Proxies

Not everybody is interested in learning about how all this internet stuff works. But understanding a little about proxy servers may help you in choosing ideally. The idea of proxy servers is not a difficult one to grasp.

A proxy tool puts a wall between end-users and the websites they browse, kind of acting like a bridge. A proxy server is one, which, on behalf of another machine, carries out certain tasks, serving as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

So once you understand what proxies are, then you can opt for the one which matches your internet needs.

Now let’s talk about SOAX.

SOAX Introduction

soax review

In the never-ending list of online providers of residential and mobile proxies, Soax is one of the most reputed proxy providers. They have over 8.4 million active IPs online.

These can range from desktop devices, mobile, and even Wi-Fi. So no matter your location and where you need the proxy IP you will get them in their pool. They make use of their exclusive pool so that is added security.

They provide a back-connect residential proxy, use rotating proxies and the proxy looks after the rotating IP. This all may sound very overwhelming. But leaving all this technical stuff out they are very secure and easy to use.

They are excellent for data scraping and crawling. And their flexible pricing ranges attract even more customers to their product.


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Wide location coverage

If you need a proxy tool with wide location coverage Soax is your best choice. Soax has location coverage all around the globe. The map on their official site will give you a depiction of the area they cover. This will make geo-targeting of any region possible. They not only provide options to choose one specific country, but you can choose specific regions too. This will eliminate any regional restrictions. This is one of their best features.


Flexible payment options

Soax offers residential and mobile proxies mixed in a pool rather than confusing and endless varieties. There is a proxy cost calculator that allows you to calculate the cost according to your proxy type and duration.

There are different packages available. SOAX even offers daily packages. They put zero restrictions on the number of proxies you can choose. Select the plan you want to buy and you are good to go. Simplicity is definitely one of its top features.

Exclusive pool

Soax has over 8.4 million IPs in their pool assigned by Internet Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

These are trusted by the website. Soax’s rotating system will change the assigned IP address if one gets banned.

This can save you from being stuck in data traffic. Another best feature about Soax is that they will accept you no matter the size of your project.

Scraping performance

Data scraping is the process of importing data from the internet to a spreadsheet or excel on your computer. Most of the users consider web scraping when looking for a proxy tool as it is one of the most popular uses of proxies. SOAX proxies show a consistent performance in concurrent connections and have worked well for even the strictest sites

Excellent technical support

SOAX provides 24*7 technical support to aid your needs at any time. They have a team of polite, patient, and friendly individuals to help you. They have in-depth knowledge and are always looking forward to giving you solutions for any kind of problem you may face. Their FAQ section also provides a lot of information.

SOAX Proxy Dashboard

SOAX’s dashboard allows the performing of administrative tasks and provides easy access to the information through their interactive interface. It is very self-explanatory and very easy to navigate. Let’s look into some of the features of their dashboard.


This is the SOAX dashboard. It is known for its clean and intuitive user interface.


The first option you will see is the manage proxy option. Here you can manage the type of proxy IP address you require. You can also configure geo-targeting settings right within the dashboard. It makes it easier to select the country and region you require. So, creating accounts and analyzing data, and collecting them from various locations are made easy.


The second option is to manage the balance.



This window will show your balance and ways to top up your account. Even the top-up part is very easy. You just have to add in your bank details and there you go.

Online Check

An online check is where you can utilize the geo-targeting feature. The map will show all the available regions for you to set up the IP address. You just have to select the region. There is an option to search for a specific region or country too which makes it even easier. You can also share the list of residential or mobile proxies via the link or export them through HTML files.


Referral System

The referral system will show you how much you can earn by referring it to a friend. There is a referral link that you can forward and earn referral points on Soax.


User Options

Then under the user option, you can see features like Notifications, Profile, and Tickets. You manage your notifications here.


There are options to add new profile info and the options to manage your passwords can be also found here.


Under the Info section, you can read more about the Soax proxy tool. The FAQs will provide general information. The Legal section will provide you information about terms and conditions etc. and you can sign out with a single click.


How to Set Up SOAX Proxy?

Setting up the SOAX Proxy is super easy! Just follow the simple steps given below, and enjoy the full benefits offered by SOAX. 

  • The First step, you need to click on the settings,
  • Click on-network and internet then open Wi-Fi,
  • Long Click the Wi-Fi and connect it to the Wi-Fi access point,
  • There will be an option – modify network. Click on it,
  • Show advanced options,
  • Tap on None. Menu will appear,
  • Select the option ‘Manual’,
  • You have to fill in the following,
  • Proxy hostname –,
  • Proxy port -9000+ (10000+),
  • Save,
  • Open the browser and request URLs,
  • You will have to type in your login and password in the modal window.



The pricing is divided into mobile proxies and residential proxies.

Mobile Proxies

In a Starter pack, you will get 5GB for $175 per month. That is $35/GB. It gives you 300 ports.

The next pack is Regular mobile. In this pack, you will get 20 GB for $600 per month. That is $30/GB and $600 ports. The Business Mobile pack will cost you $2500 per month for 100 GB that is $25/GB and 1000 ports.

Enterprise Wi-Fi pack starts from $4000 per month.

Residential Proxies

  • Starter WiFi will cost you $150 per month giving you 10 GB. That is $15/GB and 300 ports
  • Regular WiFi costs you $700 per month for 100 GB. The final calculation is $7/GB and 600 ports
  • Business WiFi is going to cost you $2500 per month for a total of 500 GB, which is$5/GB  and 1000 ports
  • Enterprise WiFi package starts from $4000 per month

SOAX Proxy Pros and cons


Connection Speed

The average speed of download and upload is 23.16 Mbps and 11.7 Mbps respectively. This is pretty good for a proxy tool.


Very neat and arranged Dashboard

SOAX has one of the best dashboards. It is really eye candy. Also, it is very easy to navigate and use.


Flexible payment options

Usually, monthly payment is the default of proxies. But SOAX breaks all the rules with very versatile payment options. You can choose to pay for proxies daily. This way you can opt for proxies for different scale operations.

Easy to use

As already stated their dashboard is very easy to navigate. You can authorize your device address and never worry about using a username or password. Using SOAX, it is possible to use copy buttons to copy the data to your device.

Geo-targeting and API are available for the users. They are available on request. All these with aesthetically pleasing dashboard make the whole procedure easier.

Free trial

SOAX provides a period of free trial so that you can understand how it works and make sure this is the proxy provider you need.



Even though SOAX provides very flexible payment options their overall cost is on the high side. They are not very expensive but they may take a toll on small scale businesses and people with a tight budget.

The SOAX proxy plans are priced according to the areas, bandwidth, and port. So it is possible that you can get a good deal. Their flexible plans may lead to mistakenly subscribing to the wrong plan. Also, their short trial period is a problem.

You are being monitored

With a proxy provider like SOAX is guaranteed that your traffic is well shielded and secured. They use end-to-end encryption. But it does not mean you are not monitored.

As SOAX is based in the United Kingdom, they use a Know Your Customer system to keep tabs on you. This is because there are rules and regulations they have to follow. Your data may be shared with authorities upon their request.

Slow customer service

Even though they have an excellent customer support system, it is seen that their customer service is slow. You can contact the customer service team via chat support, email, or Skype. But it may take days to get a response from them.

This may be unacceptable as it may lead to halting your project for days. Time is money. And wasting that is unacceptable.

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SOAX provides one of the best proxy providers available on the market. It comes with a large proxy pool and has very large location options. It is compatible with almost all locations.

The free trial allows you to understand the whole mechanism and a chance to make sure that this is the right proxy provider for you. The flexible price ranges will help you to manage the finance.

The things you have to look out for are the regulations such as KYC which requires SOAX to share the data with the authorities upon request.

Also even though they have flexible payment options, the total cost accumulates very fast and the whole project can be expensive. For example, the starting rates for their services are $20 for one day.

Well, every service has its pros and cons. In my opinion, SOAX is worth all the trouble. It has gained a lot of supporters in a short time. Give it a try and I guarantee you that you won’t be wasting your time.


  • Is using a proxy tool any good?

Yes, by using a proxy tool you can increase your security and internet speed. The proxy tool will enable you to get into region-restricted sites from anywhere.

  • Is SOAX affordable?

SOAX provides very flexible payment options. You can choose to pay for the proxy services daily. But the overall cost when compared to other proxy providers may be on the higher side.

  • Is SOAX proxy confusing?

No, SOAX is very easy to use. It has a very easy to use dashboard which is pretty self-explanatory. The dashboard makes it easy to navigate through the settings. Also, the 24*7 customer service is of huge help.

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