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RollerAds Review – Amazing Push Notification ad Network

A great way to draw an attractive crowd to your webpage is by using push notifications. Not sure what that means? In this review for RollerAds, I will tell you all about it. 

Ever gone to a site, and been bludgeoned by repetitive ads for websites? You had the urge to click on those, didn’t you? What you just encountered was the allure of push notifications! If you are looking out for tools to help you add push notifications for your webpage and in turn increase, the income generated by your sites, RollerAds has got you covered. 

Trust me, using push notifications will definitely help drive a great load of traffic to your site. All you need to do is, spend a couple of bucks on an advertising platform, and watch your webpage pay for itself. One such platform, that has been gaining a lot of popularity among web developers, is RollerAds. Intrigued to know more? Then have a scoop of this review! 

About Rollerads

You might have already gotten a hint about what RollerAds is from the introduction. But to turn ingredients into a flavourful broth, you need to have in-depth knowledge, don’t you? A top-notch self-service platform, RollerAds facilitates the process of creating push advertisements for marketing campaigns. 

By helping online entrepreneurs monetize their platforms, RollerAds guarantees excellent profit margins.  Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, it is a diverse platform that caters to both. With the tools offered by this DSP platform, you receive expert guidance to extend the reach of your business to the preferred target audience, effortlessly. 

Though a newcomer to the world of push notifications, the platform has gained increasing popularity owing to its highly accurate program of audience targeting, and advanced features, into which we shall delve in, now.

Advertising Features

If you are an advertiser, here are some beneficial features offered by RollerAds, that will help you increase the reach of your product or service, to global audiences. 

Targeted Real Audience

Throw away your concerns about fake push bots, for, at RollerAds, you will only find a completely genuine audience. Not even a tiny percentage of the audience is speckled with bots, which makes the experience an efficient one. Oh, and the marketers and advertisers are connected through mobile devices, across the world! You get a global audience, isn’t that great?

Profitable Campaigns

If you ask me to describe the campaigns created by this amazing platform, I only have two adjectives to describe them: speedy and profitable. You can add a personal touch to your marketing campaigns with a professional, in just a matter of a few minutes! You can make well-informed decisions regarding budgets, ad placements, and targeting, with the complete guidance offered on this platform. 

Complete Tracking

Lose that third-party app that you’ve been using to record and keep track of your website’s performance! Why you ask? RollerAds has a built-in tracking system, on its easy-to-use interface, that provides you with consistent statistics on sales and expenses, to monitor your site’s progressive growth, efficiently with ease. 

Multiple Targeting Options

Using this feature, you can filter your target audience, based on parameters, such as the device used, OS version used, GEO, subscription age and even add them to whitelists or blacklists. 

Multiple payment options

Notification Templates

Worried about not having a creative bone in your body? RollerAds solves your issue, by providing you with a repository of pre-designed models for push notifications. These templates have a clean and professional look, and should you require anything specific to add flair to your advertisements, all you have to is contact the RollerAds team. They get to work on your request immediately, with barely any waiting time!

Features for publishers

What’s in it for publishers? A lot of interesting features, for you to grow your site revenue and ad estates. Let’s have a look at some of the most important aspects that give the platform an edge when it comes to publishing. 

Easy Setup

There’s no need to follow any complicated procedure of installation. You just need to sign-up and add tags to your site, and you’re done! It’s super easy to set up the whole system.

Greater Income Margins

Push notifications encourage potential customers to subscribe quickly to your website or service. High-quality ads mean higher traffic to your site, and this helps you weed out the sub-par advertisers from those who have excellent skills. With greater income margins for your site, there is no way down the ladder of success, and you will always be at the top of your game.


Click-baits and internet predators are the few words that send a shudder down the spines of any well-established publisher. Protect your valuable content from the brutal clutches of fake accounts and hackers, as the RollerAds safety protocols guarantee that only legit advertisers can approach you. 

CPC Pricing Model

Another complex term? What does it mean? The CPC pricing model is the cherry on top of your cake if you ask me! Every time a potential customer, so much as clicks on your push notification, you feel your wallet bulging. Not just that, even if users cease to visit your site, the model’s additional monetization feature, ensures that you earn an income, no matter what. It’s already your favorite feature, isn’t it?

Withdrawal Choices

Any platform that offers a wide choice, when it comes to payments has a clear advantage, in my opinion, and RollerAds has that advantage. On this platform, you can choose a convenient payment method of your preference from an array of options, such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, and a lot more! 


A complete and dependable package like RollerAds surely costs a fortune, right? Not at all! When you weigh the payouts against the initial deposit, it is totally affordable! As previously mentioned, the platform uses a CPC Pricing Model. 

The minimum amount that you need to deposit to start using its services, is $50, with a guaranteed payout of at least $100. The pricing structure ensures a minimum CPC of $0.003, no matter the site traffic. It is however recommended to go through the terms and conditions, to make an informed decision, as there is no trial period offered. 

Referral Program 

If you weren’t already satisfied with the monetary benefits offered by the CPC model and additional monetization, RollerAds has a superb referral program that gives you a bonus opportunity to increase your site revenue. 

Just like any other referral program, once you start referring the RollerAds platform to new users, you receive a unique link. If anyone subscribes to RollerAds, through this unique link, you can earn up to five percent of their sales, in addition to your existing income. Isn’t that a chance you want to grab, and not miss out on? 

Pros and Cons

No article is complete without weighing out the pros and cons of the platform in question right? So here is a list of the things that work as an advantage for RollerAds, and the things that don’t:


  • The platform has a credible system of security checks, to keep fraudsters at bay.
  • RollerAds is super affordable, with a guaranteed payout that is double of the amount to be deposited.
  • Publishers are entitled to around 70% of ad revenues, which increase their profit margins. You can also earn a sizable addition to your push-ad profits, through the referral program. 
  • The additional monetization system ensures that you are charged only for links that deliver.
  • Once you subscribe, you get access to a repository of push-ad models and a creative team, for guidance.
  • RollerAds is super easy to use and install and has a well-designed interface. 
  • The payouts are immediate, with fast processing speeds. You also get an array of choices, when it comes to payment methods.
  • You can run seamless campaigns, without any hassles, using efficient advertising tools.
  • RollerAds gives you access to a real audience, and weeds out any bots.
  • A responsive customer support team is ready to answer any query or question, 24×7. 


  • The number of pre-designed templates and push ad models are limited and can be generic across users. 
  • The only pricing model available is CPC, which limits certain types of publishers such as those associated with gaming and gambling sites. A choice between pricing models would be preferred.


The RollerAds platform is built keeping in mind every potential need of publishers and advertisers, which makes it a popular choice among marketing affiliates. What helps it stand out, is that it is a self-service platform, that is packed to the brim with outstanding features, that help online entrepreneurs shine and reach remarkable heights. 

The creative team takes the opinions and queries of customers into account and provides regular updates to keep up with the market trends. Not only does the platform help drive customers into your niche, but it also secures your valuable web page from fraudsters and illicit advertisers. It is a great choice for beginners and experts, so if you ever need help rolling out those push ads, consider RollerAds!

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