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Top 10+ RichPush Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Push notification is a hot, engaging, and profitable ad format. In this article, we will illustrate the best RichPush alternatives & competitors that provide push ad format.

Before proceeding with the list of Top RichPush alternatives & competitors, let’s look into push notifications.

What is Push Notification?

Push notifications are short messages that appear on your computer or mobile screen everyday lot many times. 

It gets delivered by third-party apps and websites to promote products or services.

The push ads include information related to news, trending products, social media updates depending upon your interest.

How does Push Ads work?

To receive push notifications, users must first agree to receive them from a website. After allowing push notifications on your computer or mobile, you start receiving ads.

When a user clicks on the push ads, he gets redirected to the advertisers landing page. Clicking on the ads entirely depends upon the users.

Since push ads appear on the top of the user’s mobile or computer screen, they are unavoidable and engaging. It is one of the reasons for push notification popularity and high click-through rate.

Advantages of Push Notifications:

  • No adblockers
  • Ads are displayed depending upon the user’s interest.
  • High click-through rate than other advertising formats.
  • The pricing model is simple, with maximum ROI.
  • High-quality traffic with millions of users worldwide.

Many advertising networks around the world offer high-performing push ads that you should know.

But before that, let us introduce to you the RichPush push ads network.

About RichPush

RichPush is a leading push notification advertising network providing high-quality push traffic. 

It is one of the best push notification advertising network with high performing ads global audience reach.

With RichPush automated optimization, you can improve your workflow and performance. 

There is no bot traffic as RichPush uses its proprietory fraud prevention technology.

Its 17 targeting options include the device, IP, operating system, and more to target the audience smartly. 

The Top Competitors/Alternatives to RichPush

Now that you are onboard to Push Notification Ads, let’s dive into the list of best RichPush Alternatives & Competitors.

Traffic Nomads

traffic nomads network

Traffic Nomads is a self-serve advertising network with good experience in the affiliate marketing industry. Launched in June, this self-service platform offers six ad formats, a great support team, and an intuitive self-service platform.

It offers personalized optimization and media buying tips every week. All the verticals, GEOs, and funnels are tested every week with an A/B testing algorithm.

traffic nomads categories

If there’s one nomad advertising company that offers a 100% bot-free and exclusive push userbase, then it is Traffic Nomads.

Your brand gets secured with its in-house fraud prevention technology. 



AdMaven is for every publisher who wants to monetize their site traffic and for every advertiser who wants to maximize their ROI. 

It supports all the ad formats on any device for every user located in any corner around the world.

With high-quality direct traffic, it allows advertisers to expand their reach globally. 

AdMaven’s adaptive platform for campaign optimization helps achieve high ROI for advertisers and maximum profits for publishers.

Their dedicated support team is around the corner, ensuring you can achieve your desired goals. 



HillTopAds is an easy self-serve advertising platform for advertisers. With its fully optimized self-serve system, advertisers can launch campaigns in minutes.

Publishers joining HillTopAds get numerous benefits. They get paid weekly via Bitcoin, ePayments, Webmoney, Wire, ePayService, and Paxum. 

Whether publishers want to monetize web or mobile traffic, both are acceptable in all niches. The monetization technique is 30% more effective than before.

Advertisers need not worry about the traffic quality as it gets scanned & verified, filtering out the bot-traffic.

Advertisers can target audiences with several targeting options like Carriers, OS, Browser, Device, and more.

Ad formats supported by HillTopAds include Native ads, Video ads, push notifications, Pops, Direct links, and Display banners.



MGID gives 100% organic traffic to advertisers and control to publishers. It helps publishers grow and engage their audience with the latest technology, monetization strategies, and in-depth analytics.

It delivers the right native ads to audiences in over 200+ countries worldwide, in over 70+ languages.

Publishers get a wide-range of integration types to launch the campaigns hassle-free.

MGID native widgets are AMP compatible and Facebook Instant Articles. It offers publishers adaptable ad formats to engage the audience in the best manner.

Its AI-based algorithm increases the efficiency of campaigns. With robust analytics and optimization, you get reports to analyze your performance and KPIs.



Adsterra is a self-advertising platform with more than 18000 publishers joining from around the world. 

Publishers can earn a bonus by referring to other publishers. For referrals, publishers can earn 5% of the revenue generated. 

It is easy to get started by signing up with your email within a minute and start monetizing your blog or website.

Adsterra supports web push ad formats delivered by browsers to users who have accepted to receive notifications.

Top verticals like eCommerce, Dating, Sweepstakes, Finance, Gaming, and more works best with Adsterra’s traffic.

The system incorporates a third-party fraud detection system that is reliable and provides a safer user experience.

You can choose to get paid with multiple payment methods like Visa/Mastercard, Wire, Paxum, Paypal, Webmoney, QIWI, Bitcoin, Yandex Money, Capitalist.

Its anti-block solution increases the revenue by up to 20% leading to high CTR.


propeller ads

PropellerAds is built for performance with features like fraud-prevention, auto-optimization, and retargeting. 

The biggest brands trust PropellerAds. Some of the big brands partnered are Alibaba, Binom tracker, Adsbridge, affLIFT, and more.

If you want to learn and improvise your affiliate marketing techniques, then dive into the education center. 

Top-performing ads supported by PropellerAds include push notifications, onclick ads, in-page push, and native interstitials.

If you are a publisher, start monetizing right now by registering in simple steps. Join as an individual or a company, enter your name, email, and sign up.



EvaDav adds a surprising element by offering both CPM and CPC pricing models. 

It offers a wide range of payment options, a dedicated account manager, and around-the-clock support to every partner.

You will find different ad formats like Popunder, Inpage, Push, and Native with flexible CPM/CPC rates.

Publishers can choose their preferred language and payment methods. With an admin panel, they can watch their performance stats in real-time. 

EvaDav is an evolving ad network taking care of their publisher needs like bespoke bidding technology.

By referring new publishers to EvaDav, it adds up 5% credit for all the future revenues made by your referral.



DatsPush is a multi-advertising network working with partners in over 250 countries.

Some of the top-performing verticals like Nutra, Dating, eCommerce, Binary options, etc. could be chosen.

The minimum deposit needed is only $50. There is always a support team available 24/7 and a personal manager to assist you at every stage.

Partners get custom solutions with advanced targeting options, real-time statistics, and auto-blacklisting features.

Publishers can earn with the Revshare payment model with a direct link to their LP.

For publishers, it’s completely safe, easy to set up, and offers daily payouts.


Unlike other RichPush alternatives & competitors, offers the latest tools for better targeting like First Page Ads/FPA. 

There is an opportunity at to buy genuine push traffic at a minimum bid from 100+ quality advertisers. 

Push notification ad format allows publishers to target their audience by country, device, OS, and more targeting options.

There are many advantages like high conversion rate, easy to use dashboard, high-quality traffic from 100+ partners, and more.


Zeropark is the best place for conversion-focused traffic with a self-serve ad platform supporting three ad formats.

The ad formats that you could choose at Zeropark are push notifications, Pop, and Domain redirect. 

It has the largest inventory with easy to set up campaign optimization.

The pricing models like CPC and CPV models for all the ad formats result in effective advertising. The top verticals bring high-quality traffic for your campaigns that guarantee conversion.

Zeropark’s anti-fraud solution offers automatic bot filtering that can also get controlled manually.

Various targeting options like targeting by GEOs, Keywords, Devices, Carriers, OS versions, and more increases the possibility of more conversions.

By A/B testing, you can test up to 5 ad variants, and run only the best one that brings more conversion.

At Zeropark, campaign approval doesn’t take much time as there’s a dedicated team for campaign approval.


Our last recommendation in the list of Richpush alternatives & competitors is Ezmob. It is a display and mobile advertising company with over 1 billion users database.

You get direct access to high-performing inventory with over 4 billion impressions per day. 

If you are a performance marketer or an app developer, then Ezmob’s self-serve advertising platform is for you. 

With its optimization and reporting tools, you can identify the traffic sources and scale your campaigns for maximum profit.

Grow your reach by building effective ad units across various ad formats and best verticals. 


Push advertising is more compelling and engaging compared to other ad formats. It is unavoidable, and users tend to click on it, which results in conversion maximum times.

If you have worked with RichPush, give it a try to other ad networks mentioned in this post. 

Do share with us how you find working with these exclusive RichPush alternatives.