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5 Best RichAds Alternatives to buy Push Traffic in 2023

Are you an advertiser looking for high-quality traffic or a publisher looking to monetize your site and earn high commissions? You can join the top-ranking RichAds alternatives and competitors to reach new audiences.

Before checking out the list of the RichAds alternatives and competitors, check out RichAds features and then look out for others.

RichAds Introduction

RichAds is a global self-serve ad network specialized in push ads and pop-under ad formats. Now it will be offering Native and Display advertising. The platform has over 4+ billion ad impressions per day in around 220 countries of all tiers.

RichAds Features:

  • Pay only when a user clicks on the push notification ads with CPC starting from $0.003
  • Get the highest ROI with 100% visibility.
  • Automate your campaigns by black or whitelisting the bids, and more actions.
  • Smart audience targeting via device, OS, carrier, IP address, and more.
  • Save your spending on CPC with machine learning algorithms.

All Top RichAds Alternatives in 2023

Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads has been in the advertising industry for more than a decade striving to provide exclusive push traffic. It is created by media buyers with advanced technology to yield high ROI for advertisers and revenue for publishers.

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Reasons to Choose Traffic Nomads:

  • All the GEOs and verticals are tested every week to ensure high-quality traffic.
  • Premium ad formats like push and in-page push to monetize site traffic.
  • Instant integration methods like OpenRTB and JSON save time.
  • A competitive bidding model rewards publishers for delivering high-quality traffic.
  • Advertisers from around the world in every niche means more monetization opportunity.
  • Get paid on time via PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, or Wire Transfer.
  • The tech team might be sitting in Portugal but is there to help you attain your goals.


iZooto’s web push notification platform is built to attract readers back to your site and make them loyal customers. Reach out to your audience irrespective of their location and increase your subscriber’s list.

Reasons to Choose iZooto:

  • Retarget audience with web push notifications and boost revenue by up to 17%.
  • Integrate your favorite CMS with iZooto and get going in minutes.
  • Send personalized notifications and increase your loyal customer base.
  • Abandoned cart users are a disappointment, but no more. Sit back, relax, and activate the automated triggered push notifications for abandoned cart users.
  • Send notifications at one click and then track & analyze to see how it works.
  • Ready to use push templates that can be customized to match your website.


EvaDav serves 2+ billion impressions per day by trading push notifications, popunder, native, and in-page push ads based on CPC and CPM. A wide range of ad formats with the latest technology and 24/7 support makes it a perfect choice as a push ads network. It is therefore one of the top players in the list of RichAds alternatives and competitors.

Reasons to Choose EvaDav:

  • Low ad spend starting at $0.001
  • Around 1.5 billion daily impressions without compromising on traffic quality.
  • Dedicated account managers available 24/7.
  • Publishers can choose their preferred payment method and language.
  • Compatible with all devices, GEOs, OS, and browsers.
  • Take a deep look into your campaigns with real-time statistics.
  • Quick and easy integration with instant chat access inside the admin panel.
  • 5% referral commissions for new publishers referred by you.


Richpush is a part of RichAds and a leading push ads network for marketers, affiliates, and agencies. The platform offers high-quality push traffic and personal ad experts.

Reasons to Choose Richpush:

  • Global audience reaches with 450M + users in 220 countries.
  • Run high-quality ROI campaigns with CPC as low as $0.003.
  • Proprietary optimization technology and dedicated experts to help you succeed.
  • Prevents bot traffic and serves real-human traffic verified by AdScore.
  • Manage your campaigns with if/else rules.
  • 17 different targeting options including IP address, device, and more.
  • Integrated with 13 trackers including but not limited to RedTrack, Voluum, Thrive, FunnelFlux Pro, and more. provides advanced targeting tools with new ad formats to generate massive leads and achieve super-quality traffic. In 2017, launched push advertising opening the opportunity to buy push traffic at the lowest bid.

Reasons to Choose

  • Has a full-fledged DSP platform with exclusive access to 100+ traffic sources.
  • Minimum bid starting at $0.001 with CPC-based traffic from around the world.
  • Advertisers and publishers get access to a user-friendly interface with an inner tracking system to track their campaign performance.
  • With a 3% referral program, you can earn commissions from your referrals.
  • 18+ top-performing verticals to advertise your campaigns. These include Adult, Dating, Nutra, Binary, Casino, and more.
  • Quickly add funds with the preferred payment method like Qiwi, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.


Get access to high-quality push traffic by joining the top RichAds alternatives and competitors. Traffic Nomads is the preferred push ads network as it offers exclusive push traffic.

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