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RedTrack Review – The best Cookieless Ad Tracking Tool of 2024

Affiliate marketing is truly the driver for the growth of internet marketing. However, running affiliate offers can be tricky if you don’t have the proper tools and software.

If you want to be successful in the affiliate industry, your job only starts when you set up the campaign offers. It’s a constant game of analytics, optimization, changes, etc due to fluctuations of the affiliate market. You truly need to understand every click users do and why they exit landing pages if you want to skyrocket your payouts.

There is always an increasing need for tools and platforms that affiliate marketers and online business owners seem to monitor, predict, and understand. They also expect and handle the ups and downs of their affiliate marketing campaigns. One of the leading SaaS solutions in this field is

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They have successfully designed and developed a platform that allows affiliate marketers and media buyers to deal with complex performance tracking and data analysis using only one agile tool that scales and matches up to your needs as they grow.

This article gives you a complete review of the RedTrack tool. Read this review before deciding whether you should invest your resources into RedTrack.

Detailed Review of the RedTrack platform

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[wp-review id=”7955″] is praised globally for its prompt and comprehensive customer support and training for guiding customers through problematic turns and twists. Various training features like documentation and live onboarding are also available.

RedTrack Features Overview

We generally consider RedTrack a sophisticated technology, sometimes tricky to use because of so many features that they combine.

  • Cookieless tracking (S2S Postback URLs)
  • Consolidated reporting for all your channels
  • Automation with 20+ traffic sources
  • Facebook CAPI Native Integration
  • Universal script for all your channels and campaigns
  • Reporting portal to share results with your advertising partners
  • Conversion attribution to know all the details of your user funnel
  • Multi-access if you are working in a team
  • Publisher panel if you want to run your affiliate program or manage your partners/affiliates

Why should you use this tool?

It is one of the most widely and commonly used and globally recognized tools for affiliate and performance campaign analysis and tracking. If you want to step up your advertising game today, you surely want to use RedTrack . You get all the perks that you need to ace it. It allows you to effectively collaborate within a team, perform complex analytical tasks and bet on data-informed decisions instead of blind tests of your campaigns.

However, even if you are a beginner, you will find a lot of perks for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

For beginners

Many people believe that if you are a beginner, it gets quite tricky for you to deal with the technical stuff, but this is not the RedTrack case.

This tool offers you easy-to-use learning curves to give you a rich experience every time you use it. It’s relatively easy to set up. What helps a lot: responsive customer support and ability to request personal onboarding. However, before contacting their team, check out the Knowledge base. The knowledge base itself has a lot of detailed guides and their Youtube channel (you can find streams and guides there too).

You can also play with their customizable templates and presets that you may find on the platform.

For Experts

If you are a pro and you know the inside of affiliate marketing, then RedTrack can help you scale up your campaigns and use your time more effectively.

You can have features like Conversion API support with Google, Facebook, Bing, Auto-optimization suite, attribution report, and many more to make sure your campaign profits are high.

The analytics and tracking tools are very user-friendly and highly flexible and united with management features like multi-access, customer reporting portal, and white-label publisher panel.

How to use Automation with RedTrack


You can automate your campaigns with this tool. Automation works with 20+ traffic sources and allows you to stop or get a notification about campaigns with poor performance. This feature allows you to let go of controls and automate your experience of ad tracking.

In order to start Automation you need to do the following:

You have to set up KPI for your campaigns, offers, or creatives. You can choose your rule within following parameters:

  • EPC quality
  • ROI percentage (return on investment)
  • Conversion Rate percentage
  • Landing Page Click-through-rate
  • Fraud check (ratio of fraud clicks)
  • Number of conversions

Once you set up those Rules you can choose to pause your campaign/creative or to receive a notification via e-mail or webhook.

Another great perk is the possibility to integrate with your favorite tech tool.

redtrack integrations

Pricing and plans

RedTrack is, without a doubt, one of the best platforms that have reasonable & transparent  pricing models.


The starting price for affiliates would be 49$ per month for Basic Plan.

Each plan is differently priced and has different sets of features available:

  • Basic plan — $49/month
  • Pro plan — $99/month
  • Advanced plan — $149/month

However, you have a chance for 14-day free trial to test the platform before any payment has been made.


  • Performance-based rules.
  • Traffic source Automation
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Landing page multi-offer.
  • Robust and powerful infrastructure.
  • Redirects are very fast, and reports are in real-time.
  • In-depth and in real-time analytics into Conversion data.
  • Track clicks across native, mobile, display, email, application, push, organic.
  • Integrated bot detection


  • The platform is not multi-lingual (only English for now)
  • Sometimes a tool may seem tricky with all the features hidden

The Final Verdict: Our RedTrack Review

RedTrack has a lot of features for successful affiliate campaigns. You can continuously have better performance in the field of marketing and meet requirements for a cookieless future.

For a reasonable price, you receive a single dashboard with all the insights about your advertising performance, a tool for optimization and automation of your campaigns. The latter is super important if you want to make precise decisions that will affect your payouts.

In comparison to other tools on the market, RedTrack is customizable and you get to create everything you need to know about your users within the platform.

What others are saying about RedTrack

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RedTrack is definitely a go-to solution for any affiliate marketer ready to start their career or simply advance their current performance.

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