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A few words about popunders: a short walkthrough with Adsterra

Both advertisers and webmasters are always looking for new sources of traffic that have a high clickability leading to good income. A wide variety of affiliate programs allowed advertisers and publishers not only to find each other faster but also to try the very new ad formats. One of the most effective and fastest means of traffic monetization is the placement of popunder ads.

What is a popunder ad?

Popunder is a particular case of pop-up advertising, but the main difference is that since a popunder ad appears once the user closes their main browser window, it makes them less intrusive and more acceptable to users.

When users see your advertisement, they do not need to click on it to see what you have to offer. This ad format does not spoil site design, takes up little space and does not interfere with the use of other advertising formats. It is a common practice that the number of views is equal to the number of impressions.

You can start testing even with a small budget and get a decent amount of data to understand whether you should move forward with this campaign or not. Popunder is relatively cheap: min bid CPM is $0.25 for Tier-3 and $0.5 for Tier-1 GEOs.

Moreover, popunders is an easy way to start your campaigns as you do not need to make up creatives: Popunder is basically an independent landing page, so it grabs the user’s attention and shows them as much information as possible.

What is Adsterra?

Adsterra is a premium multi-format ad network working since 2013. Adsterra supports all popular ad formats for both mobile and desktop platforms: web push, native banners, display banners and video pre-rolls. But the top ad format ad Adsterra is popunder. Popunder traffic at Adsterra is estimated at over 1.3 billion impressions per week.


Top-performing verticals for popunder ads at Adsterra are Utilities, Subscriptions, Software, Dating, and Gambling.

If you want to get more information about the actual offers that you should use to gain better results, you can always ask the Adsterra team for the consultation. Managers know all the secrets and tricks of working with their traffic. 7 days a week support and a personal account manager are always there for you.

How to work with your account at Adsterra to run pop campaigns?

Advertisers can work both with the manager and independently using the Self-Service platform. If you use the first option, then your personal manager helps you with launching the campaigns. If you want to do everything yourself, then the second option will suit you. But even if you’re going to work autonomously, you can always use the help and advice of a manager upon request.

One-page setup at the Adsterra Self-Service Platform lets users start campaigns in a few minutes. Adsterra SSP is the industry gold standard. And if you have already worked with other platforms, it will be even easier to understand how to work with the Adsterra interface.

One page set up

Adsterra tech team has developed their own technically advanced popunder code, which shows an up to 100% effectiveness, and they continuously work on its improvement. Also, the in-house developed anti-adblock solution helps to deliver ads to all users, which adds 30% impressions.

CPM (cost per 1k impressions) and CPA (cost per 1 conversion) are available for popunder campaigns.

Adsterra provides a wide range of targeting options, including OS and browser versions, mobile carrier and IP range. The user can always edit the settings while running the campaign.

Moreover, Adsterra takes serious measures to detect, prevent and fight fraud and scam with the help of their in-house security software, reliable third-party solutions, and manual check. All this practically excludes the possibility of receiving bot traffic, which artificially inflates the results.

In the “Finance” section, you can check all the available payment methods. The minimum deposit is $100, which is enough to test traffic, check the first results, and develop a strategy on how to move forward.

Factors of successful advertising

Before you start pop campaigns, you need to examine all probable pitfalls to understand that the success of advertising depends on many factors. Among them are: correctly selected topics and creatives for advertising, matching websites and the right choice of an ad network. Adsterra could be a great helper for you if you are searching for a reliable, stable and trendy ad network specialized in pops. Adsterra team will always help you to set the campaign, analyze the results and choose the right strategy to score your advertising goals.

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