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7+ PopAds Alternatives and Competitors of 2024

Popup ads is an online advertising format that appears in a new browser window via JavaScript or Adobe Flash. PopAds is one of the top popup ad networks but due to some limitations, you should look out for PopAds alternatives and competitors.

Popup ads or popups are not as popular as native ads as they can be disabled easily. Once disabled, they never appear on the computer or mobile screen until enabled.

What are Popup Ads?

Popup ads are a famous ad format technique appearing in a new browser window with no fixed shape or size. When a user closes the popup, it redirects the user to the advertiser’s website ensuring that the message displayed has been seen.

A pop-up ad might contain audio, video, or even a game to attract visitors’ attention. Popups can accommodate any type of ads with high click-through rates and are therefore better than banner ads.

Another version of pop-up ads is pop-under ads that appear in between the screen instead of on the top. Popups are sometimes annoying as they become an obstacle to the current window and become the active window.

Before looking at the PopAds alternatives and competitors, let’s read about PopAds.

PopAds Introduction

PopAds specializes in pop-under ads and is one of the fastest & highest paying ad networks in the market. Publishers can join PopAds and get accepted easily with no traffic requirements.

Joining PopAds has many advantages over others like daily payments via PayPal, AlertPay & Wire, and real-time statistics with graphical representation for easy understanding.

The average revenue for unique 1000 US visitors is never below $4. There are advertisers from over 40 countries and that includes India, Australia, America, and more.

You have the choice to choose the bidding and also decide the number of times a pop-under should be displayed in a day.

With all the time support via email or chat with instant messenger, you will never be hanging around in between.

All Alternatives to PopAds

Even though PopAds has so many features, still if you have faced some issues with it then try PopAds alternatives & competitors.


Adsterra promises to deliver the highest conversions with the top-performing pop-under ad format. It has 1.3+ billion impressions per week and supports models like CPM, CPA managed & SSP.


You can monetize any offer in multiple verticals, all of them being the top ones. The verticals that could be chosen include Dating, utilities, Gaming, eCommerce, Binary & Crypto, and more.

If you have any doubt in choosing any offer, your manager is always there to assist you in leveraging your site traffic.

Publishers get paid via feasible & internationally accepted payment methods like Paxum, Webmoney, Bitcoin, MasterCard, VISA, Qiwi, and more.

With advanced campaign settings, you can target the audience with options including browser, OS, IP, Carrier, and more.

By using the smart traffic estimator, you can predict the estimated traffic that you may receive for a particular setting.

Other features like API integration helps you manage SSP campaigns, anti-ad-block improves CTR, and real-time bidding helps partners with integration.

Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads is a perfect alternative to PopAds as they have 6 advertising formats and their own Push and in-page push traffic inventory. Based in Portugal, the network has a great support team and a powerful self-service platform to enhance your advertising.

traffic nomads categories

TrafficNomads is the best network, especially for media buyers to enhance their marketing with unique ad formats and leverage their power.



HilltopAds gives you the option to choose either Pop-under or Popup advertising format for a high volume of traffic monetization. Both the ad formats are CPM based, so publishers get paid for 1000 unique visitors.

If you have a high traffic volume, then you can make a lot of money as both the ad formats have high payouts.

Pop-unders are shown on the desktop when the main browser window is closed, and Popups are shown on mobile devices.

Streamline your audience targeting with multiple targeting options like Frequency Capping, Mobile Carrier/Wi-Fi, IP Range/ISP, White & Black Lists, etc.

Advertisers can buy traffic with its smart RTB platform, and publishers get fast campaign approval with self-serve platforms.

All the traffic is filtered for bots with third-party anti-fraud technologies. Publishers receive high CPM commissions for high-quality traffic.



With AdMaven authentic platform, publishers can monetize their site traffic with high-level ads and minimum intrusiveness.

The payment policy is transparent and quick so you get paid on time for the job done. Payments terms are flexible so you can choose to get paid as and when you want via PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, and ePayments.

To understand how your campaigns are performing, you can download reports from your reporting panel.

At any stage, you feel something’s not working right, you can take support from a dedicated account manager. The manager ensures you make the most out of your asset.

Bring traffic from anywhere around the world from any device, and get high eCPM rates to boost your revenue. AdMaven ensures not a single impression is missed.

It is easy to set up any ad format by placing the code on your website. Within 5 minutes you can start monetizing your site traffic.


RichPops is a global pop-up and pop-under ad network with premium quality traffic for any niche and up to 4 billion ad impressions per day.

Its big data and proprietary algorithms ensure bot-free pop traffic. One more layer of bot prevention is provided by AdScore.

With automated optimization, campaigns can be managed automatically using a set of if/then rules.

You can get a whitelist to offer seamlessly with premium sources collected and compiled for a specific GEO you want.

Microbidding allows you to create custom campaigns that improve performance and saves time in creating individual campaigns.


At Zeropark, advertisers can buy the best popup & pop-under traffic. Also, publishers can monetize their site traffic with advanced targeting.

With Zeropark, publishers can choose verticals like Desktop & Mobile downloads, Smartlink, eCommerce, Sweepstakes, etc.

Take advantage of the 69 billion impressions per month for any niche from around the world. It is easy to set up a campaign and manage it with a simple & intuitive interface.

Get the most advanced pop traffic targeting ranging from GEO to device, IP, & OS version.

There’s a dedicated team sitting 365 days only for campaign approval. To ensure quality traffic, a compliance team manually checks for bot traffic and if found rejects it. The same is done automatically.

The more you grow, the better support you get. A dedicated account manager helps you make the most out of their platform.

The support team sends whitelists of the trending sources and is willing to help you in any manner.


ClickAdu has over 2500+ publishers and over 26500+ active campaigns that are fully managed with campaign optimization.

Publishers get high eCPMs in 240+ countries with minimum payment hold, in-depth statistics, and 100% fill rate.

Advanced targeting like GEO, site, device type and more increases the conversion and bot filtering improves the quality of traffic.

ClickAdu offers a self-serve platform that is user-friendly and transparent with campaign automation.

Campaign approval is an easy process and you are good to go right when you join a campaign to start receiving traffic.

There are multiple payment methods for advertisers to cash in and publishers to cash out.

There is a wide range of ad formats so products get exposure from everywhere with 360 ad coverage.


PopCash is our last PopAds alternatives and competitors of 2024 but the most interesting one. Simply register as a publisher, enter your website URL, and place the code on your website. In less than ten minutes, you can start earning revenues once your domain has been validated by the team.

Once your domain is verified, a pop-under ad is displayed every 24 hours to the site visitors. It ensures a better viewing experience.

The company has been in the online advertising business for more than a decade with a team of experts in the online market.

The ad code placed on the website works on any device and is easy to integrate. Publishers can earn extra bonus by referring to other publishers. There is an opportunity to earn a 10% referral commission for a lifetime.

The pop-under ads appearing on the site is always clean and bot-free. To ensure quality-traffic, the team internally monitors them and also uses third-party tools.

Publishers don’t need to worry about payments as payments get processed each day. The minimum withdrawal is $10 via payment methods like PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, and Wire transfer.

For any assistance, the team is ready to support via Skype or email.

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I Hope, the list of top 7 PopAds alternatives and competitors of 2024 was helpful to monetize your site and boost revenue.

Adsterra is a top choice as it has many advanced features and joined by top affiliate marketers around the world.