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11 Best Pop Ads Networks in 2020

Pop-Under or pop-up traffic is known as the kind of traffic that converts best for sweeps and install CPA campaigns.

What are pop-under Ads?

There are various alternatives to promote our products and services, pop-under ads is among one of those alternatives. It instantly gets displayed in a new browser window behind the current browser’s window. They do not cause any disturbance and appear only after other windows have been closed. It is the most popular and latest form of online advertising. These ads are also used to promote newly launched products. These can be used by us as an advertiser and publisher. They provide good services to and high performing solutions to publishers and advertisers throughout the whole world.

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They also provide you with reach to a mass audience and helps one to drive network traffic to their own website and also offer extensively qualified support.

Best Pop-Under Ad Networks of 2020

  • AdMaven
  • RichPops
  • Adsterra
  • Popads
  • Exoclick
  • Hilltop
  • Adnium
  • Traffic shop

1. AdMaven

AdMaven, established in 2010, is an advertising platform that provides over 500 million daily pop ad impressions, giving advertisers ample traffic to utilize. AdMaven is the biggest ad network for Push Notifications and Full-Page advertising, with over 150 million users and 5 billion daily impressions.


They offer several monetization methods such as Pop ads, Push Notifications, Interstitials, Prestitials, Postitials, Lightbox ads, and banners. And AdMaven is introducing new monetizations as they move forward. The innovative technology enables them to give higher rates than all of our competitors. They are currently working with over 10,000 direct publishers and over 100,000 advertisers (direct and non-direct).

They have over 250 million users and over 100,000 advertisers (direct and non-direct)


  • Payout – 50$
  • Focus on: push notifications
Become AffiliateAdvertise with Admaven

2. RichPops



  • Gives the maximum no. Of payment options.
  • The high and steady rate of CPM


  • The minimum payment required, i.e., $5 is above the market average.

This is the most popular ad network, it offers a steady CPM. It also supports banners, interstitials, and push-ups. It helps the publishers to monetize their website with various options as Display banner, Pop-Under, Direct Links, Sliders, etc. This also provides advertisers to target a specific audience. This network also allows adult traffic.

Read ReviewVisit Adsterra



  •  You can even start from buying traffic for just 10$
  • You get 100% refund if had a bad experience with them


  • Less converting traffic if you don’t know about optimizing campaigns
  • Some locations available for premium advertisers

Popads is known as one of the largest pop traffic networks in 2020 to buy or sell pop-under traffic. The self-serve platform is really interesting yet a little tough to understand for a newbie. However, you can buy/monetize a huge pop traffic inventory on Popads. I’ve purchased huge traffic from them and got a fewer conversion. But, they are good at making refunds.

Visit Popads

5. Exoclick



  • Required minimum payout is $20 only.
  • Supports Adult Traffic.
  • Also supports referral program.


  • Low CPM, due to which Asian countries get restricted
  • Email support only.

It also offers various range of ad formats other than Pop-Under and pop-ups. Also supports various options like native and IM supplementing video formats. It leads in the entertainment market. It offers extended customer service.

Read ReviewVisit Exoclick




  • All traffic is sold
  • Weekly delivery of payouts
  • Speeds up customer service through Skype option.


  • Only supports Pop-Under option of adding network
  • Doesn’t provide a self-service platform.

HTA(HillTopAds) sells all kind of traffic thereby provides 100% fill rates. It mainly supports Pop-Under ads for publishers. They have a good support team who can help you optimize your CPA campaigns for the best results, especially on Mobile.

Visit Hilltopads




  • High CPM rates
  • If exists any unsold traffic, offers back URLs


  • Low fill rates
  • Lacks support


It supports two options that are, Pop-Unders and Banners. And are also boosted by high CPM. It lacks a referral program. This network also supports adult traffic and is a good alternative for those who focus on earnings.

Visit TrafficForce




  • Highest CPM
  • Self-service option
  • Skype option allowing customer support


  • Lacks referral program
  • Lacks support
  • Fewer options

It also offers only Pop-Under traffic and supports highest CPM. They offer their service through a self-service platform which enables you to make adjustments. It also has some issues like lacks support and referral program.

Visit DoublePimp

9. Adnium



  • High CPM for banners
  • A self-service option allowing adjustments
  • Customer support by Skype


  • Stringent network
  • Only good for banners
  • Earnings available only through wire transfer or Paxum.

Best for banners and attracts strong CPM for it. Also supports self-service options. Payments are also made on request.

Visit Adnium

10. Ero Advertising


In Ero Advertising’s platform, you can easily set up your ad campaign and start rolling in pop traffic to your CPA campaigns. It focuses on maximising your results by putting all efforts to understand your campaign, business and performance. It is reliable and offers accurate tracking with weekly and monthly payments.

Visit Ero Advertising

11. TrafficShop



  • Fill rates are good.
  • Adult traffic
  • Distributes unsold traffic


  • No referral program
  • Limits earnings

TrafficShop is among the best pop-under advertising networks in 2020. It offers a minimum payout of $50 on a request. Although no referral program but good CPM. Supports adult traffic.

Visit TrafficShop




  • Payout available on reqDistributes unsold traffic
  • Supports referral program


  • Only supported through email
  • Fewer options

It supports mainly the Pop-Under network. It is also boosted by a referral program and supports adult traffic. Minimum payout is available on a request and attracts a good CPM.

Visit JuicyAds

Did we find the Best Pop-Under Traffic Network?

Every ad network mentioned above have their own advantages and cons and these should be kept in mind by publishers or advertisers before selecting. Make sure you bid below the average for pop advertising as an advertiser if you don’t want to get overcharged.

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