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Best Native Ads Spy Tools for Super Affiliates

As a full-fledged marketer, running ads is not an easy task. The process requires continuous tracking, performance analysis like A/B testing, redesigning creatives, and so on.

Isn’t there any method to increase CTR?

Well, the answer is Native ads. Native Ads convert really well and the conversion rate is insanely crazy.

Check out the top native advertising platforms to know what native ads actually are and how do they work. Keep a watch on competitors! Spy them using ad spy tools! Track their actions and see how you can improve their creatives.

Best Native Ads Spy Tools

Studies show there is a tremendous decline in the number of display ad clicks. Contrary to this, people click more on ads that look similar to the content. For example, Facebook feed ads and sponsored message ads.

Shockingly, readers focus more on these ads rather than the content itself. You know how crucial native ads are to a business, it will be a mistake to avoid competitor’s native ads.

We recommended having a hands-on on these tools before purchasing one. Analyze what suits your requirements, and how can you get the most out of them.

Top 10 Native Ad spy tools:

Now that you know the importance of the native ad spy tools, let us have a look at top 10 native ad spy tools that will help you enhance advertising campaigns.

Anstrex is another powerful tool in the list of Native ad spy tools but it focuses more on Push Notification ad networks.

It provides features like spying push ads, native ads, the total number of ad networks along with countries, Push CPC bids, etc.

You also apply filters to search volume results like filtering by Ad Network, country, language and many more to get exact data about a specific ad.

You can keep a spy on competitors Push Ads which are actively running in more than 92 countries. Also, you can get unlimited alerts on competitor activities.

Overall, your next campaign will be more successful after analyzing each and every aspect of the competitor’s campaign. You can do a lot with Anstrex:

Adplexity is a popular tool that many affiliate marketers are already aware of.

It provides you intensive insights into what type of ads are already successful for your competitors. For example, they provide different versions for spying like:

You can see campaigns running in more than 75 countries. Not just this, download the campaign creatives like banners, landing pages along with dependencies like CSS, javascript, etc. Check the best adplexity discount and grab it today!

This is the main reason why we have kept in on top position.

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If you're thinking to spy on your competitor's successful campaigns, you can completely rely on this tool. Might be your competitor is already spying you with this paid tool.

Idvert is a marketing intelligence ad spy tool that offers data analysis and social creatives.

Once you login to the dashboard, use the search button to look for competitor domains, keywords, app names, etc.

The creatives platform shows COD and Fake product ads. It allows finding popular ads very early from niches where ad trends change very rapidly.

Having access to this much of data, you can get ahead of your competition quickly.

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SpyOver is another native ad spy tool that is competing with Advault. It covers 15 ad networks and 115 countries.

You can check competitors by searching for ads or landing pages.

Once you get the results, spy on competitor’s ads and landing pages by searching keywords, publishers, landing page text, redirect chains, outgoing links, etc.

Sort the results provided by applying various filters like ad language, type of browsers, countries, ad networks, etc for a more detailed analysis.

Check their free demo and then you can opt for $149 Professional plan which is enough for advanced search and analysis.

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Native Ad buzz spy tool

Native Ad Buzz is a native ad spy tool to check competitor’s if you’re on a low budget. The app provides a package starting at just $7 for 7 days.

Once you login to the portal, you will see a dashboard showcasing several ads. You can put the competitor’s URL in the publisher field and it will give you information about all the ads and landing pages competitor is running.

Using Advanced search functionality you can find the advert which is most relative to your campaign requirements. For example, it enables you to search by Ad headline keyword, Advertiser, publisher, device, country, language and many more.

You can opt for their $7 trial and later switch to Pro package for just $97 annually.


Advault is already a choice of many affiliate marketers just like Adplexity.

It provides you many features that reduce your spending on ad campaigns. For example, you can check more than 15,365,000 advert campaigns on how many it has been viewed.

Advault covers more than 13 networks running in 19 countries and also allows us to save favorite ads. You can easily find new keywords, products, advertisers and check all their top running campaigns by applying various filters.

It’s been used by some of the biggest names in the industry like TimeInc, AdBuzz media, ClickDealer and many more.

You can start using this spy tool by just paying $97 per month.


PayPerTrail is a relatively new tool for the display and native ad intelligence.

By searching for keywords in the advertiser section, you can easily monitor and analyze the advertiser’s most profitable ads.

It provides a coverage of 60 ad networks and 18 countries which is more than AdVault and SpyOver.

We liked their bookmarking and alerts feature which allows us to stay updated when our targeted ads are discovered. We can then bookmark them, check them and analyze our competitors in a very handy manner.



BuddyAd is a widget-based ad spy tool that allows us to keep track of native, pop adult site ID finder.

It supports 34 ad networks running in 14 countries.

After login in, you’ll see a dashboard full of ads with insights like for how much time an ad is running, in which countries it is running and the devices it is running on.

BuddyAd helps us to discover premium placements for our ads on websites with a quality amount of traffic.

This spy tool is comparatively cheap as compared to other tools starting at $115 per month.

PS: Not available for public. Its a private tool and only available for large enterprises.

whatrunsWhere spy tool

WhatRunsWhere is a marketing spy tool that allows spying the competitor’s overall ad ecosystem.

We have already mentioned WhatRunsWhere in our PPC Ad spy tools list.

It provides you all the insights required to remove the guesswork out of your ad campaign.

WhatRunsWhere provides access to more than 90k advertisers, 20k sites and has a chain of 500 networks spreading across 5 countries.

Their basic package starts at $299/month and you can cancel the subscription anytime.


AdSpider covers 11 native ad networks running in 28 countries with some of the big names like Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent, etc.

You can search from among millions of ads running on 5 types of devices viz. Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android tablets.

You can create a detailed analysis by applying various filters like publisher, adviser, Title, URL and much more.

You can start using the tool by paying just $1 for 3 days and then settle for other monthly packages.

Why do we need Native Ad spy tools?

Native Ad spy tools come handy for solving this problem. Using these tools, you can gather the information before setting up new display ad campaigns, Facebook campaigns, and mobile advertisements.

In a nutshell, you can use these tools to

  • Gather information as to what your competitors are doing
  • Optimize your landing pages for a better conversion rate and content copy
  • Improve your advertising images and text copies to get a better CTR


Native ads are growing. They have become the marketers’ best choice of ads nowadays.

And we have concluded the top 10 Native Ad spy tools you can check out too.

Our favorite pick is Anstrex which we have mentioned at the top place.

Implement these strategies on a regular basis and you’ll see how much you can save on your ad campaigns.

Happy spying.