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10 Best Native Ad Platforms for Publishers and Advertisers in 2019

Native advertising is getting prominent day by day making every possible effort of removing the bridge gap between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers are given permission to analyze and apply with such specialized transparent and efficient ad platforms. Advertisers nowadays can create, target, track, optimize and manage each ad campaign on their own. Also, if you wish to take a look at the targeting parameters to exactly where you will find the right consumers, go through this article.

What is Native Advertising or Native Ads

Native ads are really hard to identify because it takes the look and feels of a website’s own content. If you put it into the sidebar, it will look identical to the recent post widget. The audience will click it because they would be thinking that post is also published on your blog. But those are ad types which are styled to look like your website’s own content.

Some people consider it a shady advertising module where advertisements take the attire of your website’s hosted content.

Below is how a native advertisement may look like:

native ads example

Another lively example is advertisements by taboola, being shown on a well-known website, as recent posts or posts you may like.

native ad example taboola

In this post, we are listing the top 10 Native Ads Platforms of 2019 :

10 Best Native Ads Platforms for Publishers and Advertisers

#1 RichNative

richnative website ads network

  • Advanced targeting
  • Relevant advertising
  • Minimum Deposit: 100$
  • User engagement

With RichNative you can easily reach your target audience with the help of native ad format that perfectly fits any website content. High-quality converting traffic will increase your performance and brand awareness. RichNative has 16 targeting options and it’s appropriate for a lot of verticals like Gambling, Gaming, Finance and Insurance, Nutra, Education, etc. You can choose Web and/or In-app ad formats depending on your target audience and goals. You can create an advertisement of many sizes and formats.

Visit Richnative

#2 Adnow

  • Minimum Topup: $100
  • Sale side platform
  • Minimum Payment: 100$
  • Premium ads & payout

Leverage programmatic buying and selling of native ads with all technological platform called Adnow. More than 150000 webmasters already earn from this high scale platform. Adnow has an impressive list of clients including Amazon and eBay. The ads quality is also very appreciable.

When it comes to talking about native advertising, I find Adnow as the first choice.

Monetize with adnow

#3 Sharethrough

sharethrough native ad network
  • Advertise on Premium Publications
  • Best Converting Traffic
  • Demand side platform
  • Highest Paying Native ads for you

Excavate the value of ad spaces using the best algorithms for the attractive level of monetization using Sharethrough. Its exceptionally robust reporting system and revenue-driving skills are just incomparable.

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#4 Outbrain


Outbrain is an online advertiser specializing in presenting sponsored website links. In order to reach your marketing goal precisely, ad formats are designed here in an extremely interactive way. It was founded in 2006, it has been setting the benchmark in the industry.

Visit Outbrain

#5 RevContent

A highly engaged audience network is integrated with this super classy native ad platform. Serving 250 billion people, Revcontent is a versatile platform for advertisers, publishers, marketers and brand owners.

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#6 Taboola

They are headquartered in New York having an employee size of 1000 people as of now. Taboola is a very well-known and widely used native ad network for advertising. Taboola is home to monetization for a website with huge traffic because they accept only popular sites only to become their publisher. 

CPM rates are higher than $2, and there is a minimum traffic requirement of 1 million page views per month.

Visit Taboola

#7 Gemini

Gemini by Yahoo

Gemini offers comparatively lower cost-per-click. Businessmen can extract the best outputs from the premium national, or local sites or even regional sites. Visualize your business with this network consolidated with intelligent solutions.

Visit Gemini by Yahoo



Working since 2004, MGID is one of the oldest ad networks with a strong presence across a number of countries. MGID assures the delivery of right messages to the right section of the audience at right time. It has tied up with thousands of premium websites where you are connected to the relevant audiences.

The ad set impost your website’s native content and attracts a reader to click on it. Even a number of website we own are being monetized by MGID native ads only.

Signup on Mgid

#9 Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network

Monetising your mobile app or websites are now made easy. It is mostly recommended for those who have good enough traffic gathering. They offer CPM rates from 50 cents to 80 cents which goes higher with the advertisers’ demands. Experimenting with their native ad campaigns is also fun.

Signup for Facebook Audience Network

#10 Adsense Native ads

adsense native ads

Using Adsense, various publishers are able to easily get in touch with the intended people out there with whom they share divers video, automatic text messages, images or so. This is another big ad network that helps marketers monetize their websites or businesses.

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#11 Adblade

adblade network for native ads

Ensuring that B2B businesses stand out from the crowd, Adblade has managed to be the leading company with performance-based native advertising which is also considered as the most innovative content-style ad platform on the web.

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#12 Admixer

admixer native ad platform

Admixer Technologies provides full-stack programmatic Ad Tech solutions to all advertising industry players. Since 2008, the company operating globally and allows to configure own Tech Stack via complementary SaaS solutions. It helps publishers to monetize their inventory, advertisers to improve digital ad effectiveness, ad network owners and media holdings to get complete ad management infrastructure. Admixer Technologies is an all-in-one platform that covers the needs of each market party.

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Did we find the best Native ad Platform of 2019

Obviously, we have enough of the options to buy and sell traffic that converts the best. Native advertising is really popular, working and cost-efficient. It not only gets the most clicks but also converts better than pop traffic and display traffic.