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10 Best Mobile RTB Platforms for Publishers

Real-time bidding has transformed the face of online advertising. Real-time bidding refers to the buying or selling of the ad impressions through live auctions. As this is the era of the digital world, there is a greater scope of online monetizing. The value proposition has been made cozy by enhancing the ability to reach the specific right audiences. Mobiles, being the top gadget that is used by two-thirds of the world’s population, are the best platform for making money and increasing business growth. Real-time bidding(RTB) enables publishers to generate huge profits. The plan behind is just to get the maximized revenue outputs. Let us discuss the best 10 Mobile RTB platforms :

List of top 10 Best Mobile RTB Platforms for Publishers in 2019


top Mobile RTB Platforms smaato

Smaato tops the list of the best RTB platforms by providing perfect solutions for large profits. It is the largest mobile ad marketplace in the world. The publishers have the golden opportunity to optimize their sales by super auctions here.

Double Click

While an ongoing instantaneous auction, Double click fulfills the demand of various ad agencies or publishers. Its parent company is none other than Google itself and it has a powerful clientele like Microsoft, Coca-cola, L’Oreal, Motorola, Nike etc.


best Mobile RTB Platforms openX

The first thing that can be found in a large publisher’s toolkit is nothing else but OpenX. This is a programmatic ad company which is not exclusively for mobiles but also the desktop users. They provide a huge variety of ads to choose from like HTML ads, image ads, Flash ads, linear video ads and so on.


Founded in 2010, MoPub is short for Mobile Publishers. This RTB platform has some ideal advanced RTB solutions. Publishers are allowed to manage their mobile ad inventory at their whim as they only have the entire command on their monetizing strategies.


mobfox best 10 Mobile RTB platforms

With over 30 ad networks integrated with it, MobFox is the top international mobile RTB platform in 2018. You can earn premiums with the highest CPM modules, once you tie knots with this exceptional platform for in-app monetization.


If you have a good quality traffic pool, then you definitely should go with SmartyAds.This is a great programmatic online mobile app monetization platform which has best-in-class networks integrated with it. Publishers can explore all possible chances of real-time bidding here.


Appnexus top 10 Mobile RTB platforms

This is a perfect place where you can invest to optimize your profit level through tasks like target setting, set price floors and control the partner networks as well. This is a place where media buyers and are united at moderate costs.


Fyber is assisting thousands of people out there with its super promising services. As an ad exchange platform, fyber has impressed both the media companies and app developers. Thus, it is the best place for publishers to partner with because there is no such minimum traffic gather commitment and one can begin with low traffic too.


10 Best Mobile RTB Platforms for Publishers pubmatic

Pubmatic has been in the industry since last 11 years and has set a milestone till now. Their service delivery is very quick and they empower various unique demands proposed by their users. They have a vast range of ad formats all over the world but the main focus is on native ads only.


Founded in 2014, Axonix enables mobile app monetizing and regular profit payouts. Being a user, you will just need to sign up and start using your ad inventory to get large ROI. Axonix has proven its abilities over the past few years as they deliver appreciable ad serving solutions and inventory management solutions.

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