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CrakRevenue is an innovative CPA platform that actually connects industry-leading advertisers and publishers altogether. They specialize in the development of custom traffic monetization products and advertising tools, mainly for the Adult, Entertainment, and Dating markets, which makes them one of the most preferred platforms. CrakRevenue has become the largest, longest running, most reputable & the most trusted CPA network in the industry that provides the best possible services.

They take great pride in bringing advertisers and publishers together and at the same time providing not only the best offers to promote but offerings of the uppermost caliber with well-designed landing pages and the highest monetization tools accessible on the market. With CrakRevenue, one can get Quality traffic and the leading adult affiliate programs.

CrakRevenue is a Quebec City – Canadian based CPA platform that provides leading-edge web traffic monetization and online marketing solutions for adult markets. It is a huge team of designers, product owners, marketers, affiliate managers, and many others, who don’t leave any stone unturned in providing the best possible services, they are motivated and work really hard to offer the best. Their stats back their claim 40M in commissions to their affiliates per year, 50G impressions per month and much more. CrakRevenue has received multiple awards and recognition for its innovative efforts and products. they provide the best possible services and 24*7 support to their clients, ensuring 100% client satisfaction.

Talking about the experience and trustworthiness, CrakRevenue is the biggest, oldest, and a reliable CPA Network in the entire industry. It is there in the industry with years of extensive affiliate marketing expertise and a wide array of top quality, top-converting traffic monetization tools, this network is the leader in its field.  Though there are so many networks available to choose from, CrakRevenue is the best when it comes to monetizing the Internet traffic, and really stands out, both by its longevity and its innovation.

This network comes with countless pros, a few of which are listed below. Let us have a look at some of the advantages:

  • Top notch 24*7 support system and a dedicated professional team of affiliate managers
  • Finest platform CPA Network and highly effective and user-friendly.
  • Easy to analyze and keep a track of the stats and navigate the offers.
  • Amazing selection of high-paying offers and tools
  • Exclusive, effective, and efficient features
  • Constant optimization of offers with A/B Testing and analysis
  • Experts sharing their knowledge with the knowledge base and their blog

CrakRevenue has really made its mark in the adult industry, by starting more than 10 years ago. This network is a leader in the Cam, VOD and Dating Verticals. This platform features exclusive offers for various Top Brands. Their efficient tracking and fraud control really stand out from the crowd. This CPA Network actually brings advertisers and affiliates together, optimizing the traffic on one end, and optimizing offers. Not only this, but also, they offer their advertisers a vast network of affiliates with lots of traffic, and a selection of great high-converting offers for affiliates.

Any CPA Network doesn’t make money till affiliates themselves starts making money, which is also applied in the business model of CrakRevenue. Thus, affiliates don’t have the risk of putting a lot of money upfront and also it assures them that the network will do everything in its power to convert traffic.

With unique payout models, such as PPL SOI DOI, PPS, and Revshare, there really is something for everyone. The adult vertical has been the bread and butter of CrakRevenue for years now, and they excel in this field. The adult industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, with annual revenues over 3 billion $ and this network is ruling this field for years. With it, one really gets their piece of this massive pie. Not only this, but this network is also attacking the mainstream market. CrakRevenue has now put its eyes on the Gaming, and they have started this with Nutra.

In a nutshell, Crakrevenue is one of the top CPA networks in the world.

Since the time they were launched, the network’s revenue has grown by 2000% and their workforce by 950%, which is a really impressive thing. This network has also earned the prestigious ranking of being among the best CPA networks worldwide since 2015. They own a team of young and energetic of more than 100 employees full of composed of skilled marketers, inspired designers and IT experts. They are a truly international network, which is the reason why the majority of the people prefer this network.

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