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Network at a Glance
Commission Type
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
Net7, Net15, Net30, Weekly, Bi-Weekly
Payment Method
Paypal, Wire, Check, ACH
Tracking System
Affiliate Managers
John Wilson

CPAGrip is highly popular CPA network, and they offer the certain commission types, which includes CPA (cost per acquisition), CPL (cost per lead) and CPS (cost per sale). The least payout is $50, also they can pay you through PayPal, Wire, Check or ACH. CPAGrip offer 24/7 support, weekly payments, at the same time they claim to have some of the best industry wide offers. At this network, various methods are available to earn revenue such as content lockers, file lockers, video lockers, and offer walls. It is one of the shortest forms of any network, which makes it one of the best networks out there. This network is unique in the way that it is an instant approval incentive CPA network, which actually means that you can login and start promoting the offers, as soon as you sign up on this platform. Although they provide easy sign up, but at the same time security is well taken care of. The leads generated by the publishers are stringently checked before sending the payment and other than that CPAGrip has actually advanced cheat and fraud detection technology that keeps all fraud users away.

Another important thing that makes CPAGrip highly effective, is its user-friendly dashboard. You can look for the tools, offers, account settings etc. Let us have a look at the CPAGrip monetization tools:

  • Content Lockers – Talking about the monetization tools, the very first tool is content lockers. This network offers a wide range of content locker templates to choose from for the affiliates and advertisers. It possesses some of the top converting templates that work great. It is quite surprising to see how conveniently one can modify the CPAGrip widget to suit the particular needs. Use of custom template is also available at this network, which is a great way to boost conversion because the widget is completely matching the site or niche. Content lockers are mobile friendly so that the users visit the locker from his or her mobile device.
  • URL/File Locker – CPAGrip link locker or url locker is another most widely used tools at this network. If you have a really useful content like a webpage or an e-book, then CPAGrip would be the best for you, where you can lock the webpage url or the ebook download page url and monetize it using the cpagrip link locker or url locker. Using CPAGrip templates which have comments is highly recommended, which is because one can modify those comments according to the niches/topic which builds more trust in the visitors
  • Video Lockers– CPAGrip video locker is another great way to lock as well as monetize videos.  By using this tool one can lock YouTube videos or any sort of videos on their site. And the best thing is that it only locks the videos and not the entire webpage, which is why people prefer it. This feature is great because the user can still interact and connect with the content on the site and learn more about that video.
  • Offer Walls– This network’s offer wall can be used as a way to reward the users with virtual currency or certain points for each offer that they complete. This tool displays the top converting and geo targeted offers to your visitors, so that they can complete multiple offers in order to earn points. There are also multiple templates to choose from, which makes it completely user friendly.

Along with the above listed tools, a few more tools include, Global Postback, Multi Postback and RSS Lead Checker.

CPAGrip possesses one of the largest and highly preferred inventories of high paying offers. The offer rates are the best that one can get at any network. The best part about the network is that they keep adding more and more attractive and high paying offers to their list because they maintain superior contact with many advertisers, which is the best part about it. Their offers are completely secure and don’t trigger any suspicion by security software. Also, the rates they offer are the best possible rates one can get at any incentive CPA network. In a nutshell, it is one of the finest networks that one can look for.

3 thoughts on “CPAGrip”

  1. The network is worth working with. They offer awesome sweepstakes offers while everyone must know that the support they offer is very friendly and top-notch, the payment is always on time, and the CR is crazy.
    I recommend this network to everyone! I just received the 6th payment of $13473. I hope I can get some XXXXX dollars. Xxx pay as soon as possible! Will let you update!

  2. Hello, I am Jakee and I am a professional affiliate marketer. In my honest review of CPABuild CPA network, I am reviewing it from a different point of view. It won’t be wrong if I consider it as one of the best CPA(cost per acquisition) network for Gaming and sweepstakes niche. It does not matter whether you have mobile traffic or desktop traffic, they monetize it all.
    They have not only high paying CPA campaigns but also great weekly payments option which fascinates me a lot about CPAbuild. I recommend this network. Must Join!

  3. One of the best CPA Network with great communication and offers. You can get weekly payout as soon as you get 50$, which can be very fast even if you are a beginner.


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