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Affilaxy is the leader in the adult dating affiliate networks. With a view few offers, Affilaxy is proud of supplying huge traffic to the campaigns they have. They are covering the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium at the moment.

Talking about what is Affilaxy, it is considered the best adult affiliate program for those who want to make serious money. The products and services provided by Affilaxy enable the businesses to achieve the best possible results and great returns. Affilaxy ensures that are well-converting products and services provide our clients with optimal results with a maximum possible yield.  They aim at achieving the best possible results, which is the only reason that they work every day on innovation and product optimization, simply to offer flawless services. The best part about Affilaxy is that one can get high payouts, which is up to 50% revenue share. This adult affiliate program is constantly working optimizing its products with the aim of achieving the highest possible conversion rates. Another plus point about Affilaxy is that their support system is legendary. They are always there to answer the clients’ questions, which makes it the choice of a large number of people.  

You can increase your affiliate earning drastically by joining this affiliate network for the best adult dating affiliate offers. Since they are focused on only a limited number of offers, you get the best support from the team to earn and grow your revenue over the period of time.

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Reasons why you must join Affilaxy

#1. Well designed banners to promote the campaigns

#2. Custom made landing pages to start promoting today

#3. Great lead capture forms on those landing pages

#4. Pop-up and Pop-under traffic is accepted to drive traffic to your link

Affilaxy Video Teaser

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