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Commission Type
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Daily
Payment Method
Paypal, WebMoney, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, ePayments
Tracking System
In-house proprietary platform
Affiliate Managers
Skype is a world leader in affiliate marketing, and the only company to use all four of the most common pricing models for advertising on their sites: CPA, CPI, CPS and CPL. The internet experts behind this multi-million dollar business have created an innovative platform that merges advertisers’ needs with publishers’, which means you won’t need three different companies taking cuts off your paycheck like other networks do!

Advertisers looking for more cost effective ways to promote themselves will be delighted by Advertise’s offerings; they are able leverage some of the best technology out there without having to break a bank or deal with account managers who don’t know what they’re doing any longer than it takes them go through another.

Native Ad Intelligence

Spy the best Ads by the network. Explore the ads that work and convert well for this network. You can have a look deep inside the campaigns run by the affiliates and advetisers with the ad intelligence tool.

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