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admitad was established on October 1, 2009 and officially launched on March 1, 2010 by Alexander Bachmann. Ever since then the company has been a cutting-edge, out-of-box services and technologies provider. admitad is a global CPA network for advertisers and publishers to easily reach each other. Supporting them, it provides tracking solutions and expert analytics on all the traffic channels. The platform is a user-friendly and customizable environment where advertisers plan and put marketing campaigns into action, where publishers find the most profitable offers and drive sales globally. Advertisers can also run their own admitad platform based affiliate programs. It is free with no prolongation fee during the whole period of cooperation.

You can invite your own publishers to join and admitad won’t charge anything from you for their leads and actions confirmed. At the same time, you have free access to over 700.000 admitad publishers and legal & technical support provided by admitad. The whole world of affiliate marketing is just one click away. The company is constantly perfecting and sharpening its tools to face the challenges that lie ahead. With its newest TagTag algorithm, admitad can now track actions that would have otherwise been lost. With its cross-browser and cross-device tracking decisions, it shapes the future of e-commerce.

admitad educates you about Affiliate marketing

admitad academy is the new initiative by the admitad team where they share top-notch tricks of affiliate marketing for publishers and the advertisers. There is enough for affiliate marketers to start learning affiliate marketing today.

If you’ve been wondering some tricky and healthy ways to monetize the campaigns, here is a video about it.

A helping hand to the advertisers

If an advertiser has no idea of the bidding and campaign setup, admitad is there to offer you a go through guide and instruct you on how to setup your first CPA advertising campaign.

Join admitad in the devoted pursuit for glorious tomorrow!

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  1. I have been an active affiliate with admitad for more than 1 year. Since the admitad global referral program was there in place when I joined them and started promoting. But subsequently, I see not only the statistics are wiped up from my account but also I am not able to find out what actually happened.
    This is ridiculously awkward. Beware


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