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Hyax Review – A perfect tool to Sell-Online

For a blogger, creator or entrepreneur, it must be your dream to put your knowledge into a site, ebook or even an online course and provide a platform where others can earn experience from your understanding.

Having your own digital products store and creating an online platform is a perfect way to gain an audience, gain authority in your niche, and even expand your readership.

Here’s a question now: Where do you start?

There are so many standalone platforms where you can have your purpose met. The dilemma can make you put your dreams on hold.

hyax review featured

Luckily, we have an integrated platform that would enable you to create digital assets and help you sell them professionally to your audience through landing pages and online stores.

Hyax is a platform where entrepreneurs and creators can sell digital products, memberships, and courses online. By the time we’re done with this review, you will get to know if you should put your time and money into Hyax. So read along!

About Hyax

hyax homepage what you can sell

It is an American company that was launched in 2020. It was built to assist creators in quickly making courses, stores and sales funnels, and membership sites. This tool has features that help users maximize customer experience and sales.

  • You can sell digital products
  • Create an ecommerce store
  • Create membership sites
  • Build and sell an online course
  • Set up payment options
  • Build landing pages
  • It is built for mobile
  • Beautiful templates
  • Create multi-step funnels
  • No coding needed
  • Visualize your sales and revenue data
  • No need to purchase hosting
  • Payments via PayPal and Stripe
  • Excellent landing pages and funnels

One good thing about Hyax is that you can handle your portfolio (including digital products, membership, landing pages, courses, and e-commerce store) from one platform. You can also use Hyax to set up payment options and allow customers to access your courses along with your digital products through a single backend.

why hyax is better than any other tool

And, what do you get to sell with Hyax?

  • Physical products
  • Courses
  • Digital downloads
  • Memberships

Setting up a project

To get started, simply create a free account now

create an account on hyax

After logging in to your Hyax account, you should be able to treat a project like a website or a brand.

list of projects in hyax dashboard

Click on “New Project” and give your project a suitable username. After this, enter the domain or subdomain that you would like to associate with this project.

For a domain name, you will have to add A record in your domain name to the said IP. For a subdomain, simply follow the instructions.

domain name setup for hyax

I will suggest you to add the CNAME record as I have shown you in the above screenshot before creating the project. This will speed up the process for you for sure.

When you already setup the CNAME record pointing to, you do not have to indulge in the complicated domain setup wizard.

creating a product in hyax

Now, I can start creating my course’s content

create first course

Click on “Create New Course”

Now, there is an option to add the details of your first course.

first course details

Simply edit the page and fill up with your course information.

Setup the pricing for your course. There are more options that you can use. Add a category, description, custom permalink etc in the course and save progress with the blue button on the top when you’re convinced.

adding pricing for the course

Navigate to #2 tab “Course lessons”

adding lessons for course in hyax

This is where you will add chapters in your course to make it easier for your students.

Create a new lesson (the most important part of creating the course, content 😀 )

create a lesson

Add a section and name it something.

add section

Now inside the section, you can add the lessons

add lesson in the section

Write a title and description for the lesson and click on Create lesson

Details about the section

After you click “Create Lesson”, you can open the lesson builder from the big green button that says “Build the lesson content”. As expect, click it 🙂

lesson builder

In the builder, there are enough options for you to build a detailed page for this particular lesson. Enjoy your time editing the content, adding youtube links or uploading your own videos.

Here’s how I did it.

lesson builder

After you’re done editing the lesson content, go ahead, save and close the tab.

Back in the lesson settings, publish the lesson.

publish your lesson

As a lesson takeaway, you can also add downloadable files to your lesson.

Add downloadable files for your lesson

Likewise, create as many chapters (lessons) you need inside your course and make it worthwhile for the students.

Once you’re done with the course building process, the only thing left is “Payment processor setup”

Go back to your Hyax dashboard and click on project settings.

dashboard settings

In the #2 tab that says “payment gateway & integrations”, enable stripe or paypal to start receiving payments

payment method integration

In this settings page, there is much more than just the payment integration. All you need here is to explore and use what you actually need.

For example, you can

  • Use mailchimp integration to enable email marketing automation
  • Use Facebook / Google / Tracking Codes for better advertising of your products/course
  • Use Zapier for advanced automation rules

When you come to the final page, you should be able to customize your transactional and opt-in confirmation emails.

You can simply start testing by letting users signup for your course and buy your products after activating your account. To activate your account, you need to add your card details and make the first payment.

activate your account with a credit card

Indeed, for the first 15 days, you can freely test every feature and get a refund if you’re not satisfied.


Create Digital Products

First, go to Product, followed by Simple Product and finally on the Create New Product section. Type in your ebook title there and describe it in the description box. You also freely add images and assign a category to new products. Save the information there and proceed to the Price or Product Options section.

Choose “Regular Product” if you would like to have a single price and no variant product. Set up the pricing option for it and upload the digital file.

If you want to take the Product, live then visit the main settings and select the “published” option in the status and availability section. You can create a similar such Product to sell on Hyax. Starting from ebooks to infographics to videos and music!

You can also sell physical products like electronics, T-shirts, smartphones and more.

Build an online course

It is one of the best features of Hyax- the online course builder.

You can build your course from scratch. It might as well give all other platforms like Thinkific and Teachable a good run for their money! Here is how you can build your online course.

  • Access the course builder and go to the Products, followed by the Courses section.
  • Click on “Create a new course” to access your course settings.
  • Type in your title, description and add relevant images on this page
  • You could also put in pricing information there and choose a pricing plan from the drop-down menu.
  • You can always revisit your settings and make any changes. Don’t worry if you have not decided on an appropriate title or description.
  • Add content to your course by visiting the “course lessons” tab.
  • Think of each section as modules where you will be able to add individual lessons and quizzes. You can add videos, images, text and any downloadable course files.
  • You can add multiple lessons under each section.
  • Click on Add New Lesson to add a new lesson to your online course.
  • Once you have added all the important and necessary files, you can go back to the main settings tab and publish your online course.

Ease of Use

The best part is the fact that you will not need any coding knowledge to work with Hyax. Since it is a platform filled with features, there always exists a learning curve. You can get a little confused because there is so much to take in.

The dark Used interface might take some time to get used to, but you can get easy with the UI once you have spent some time using it. It is considered ideal for designing landing pages, digital products and courses.

It would be best if you also looked into Hyax’s in-depth documentation before you start building membership sites or courses. Watch demo videos on their site to have a much deeper understanding of the features.


hyax pricing

Here are the three pricing plans available for Hyax.

  • Beginner: Start at $49 per month, which is good if you start with this tool and have less than ten courses or products to sell. You can add up to 10k subscribers, and the page views are called at 100k per month.
  • Advanced: starts at $99 per month, and this plan lets you have complete control over the design of your landing pages and membership sites. Add more projects, list up to 40 products and have more subscribers.
  • Enterprise: custom quote

Customer Support

The documentation covers all you need to know about building pages, courses etc on this Hyax.

Hit the live chat icon that you will see on the lower-left corner of your screen to get quick support.

You can always leave a message there if you are not getting an immediate response and expect the team to reach you within a short time. The reactions are pretty prompt.

The Final Verdict

You will need something like Hyax to expand your online business and make your authority. It is well texted and made by marketing-focused entrepreneurs who get the importance of creating a robust tool that is very easy to use and handle by the layman.

Even if you want to use this as a landing page builder or an online course builder or design e-commerce stores and membership sites, you are going to be covered.

You get many features, and you might even end up a little overwhelmed the first time you end up here. The features make sense after you’ve spent some time here.

It is free to use until you choose to launch your own project. Do try it out and tell us how you liked it in the comments section below!

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