mylead banner Review – Gambling CPA Affiliate Network is the number one gambling and betting partner and has been awarded by the CPALife Awards 2019 for being the best in its business. Their team consist of proficient specialists and creators who are the best in the CPA market in CIS countries and Russia. If you like gambling and betting then this is the place to try your luck, as it provides lucrative deals and offers for your targeted actions. Let us learn a bit more about this money-making website.

What is

gambing-pro-network is a one of its kind website which provides a platform for the users who wish to work with gambling offers and earn money. It is an efficient CPA network, i.e. it is like an intermediary that connects an advertiser with several publishers. This platform is proficient in offering lucrative gambling offers wherein as a webmaster you can get payments when your target traffic  takes some particular actions. These actions can be installing applications, registering on the website, restoring the deposit, etc. boasts of providing more than 50 offers in private, more than 1000 offers for RevShare and CPA, and a vast list of complete privileges. These offers are considered the best for all the probable traffic sources and various GEO worldwide.

The website posts usual traffic indicator statistics like EPC, ratio, CR, clicks, etc. the website will also show comprehensive data on the conversations that let you carry on in-depth analysis on traffic. Other vital indicators that it will reflect during gambling are:

  • Actions taken by your players
  • Amount deposited
  • Number of deposits done repeatedly
  • The amount of those re-deposits will help the webmasters in learning how to generate more traffic. They have informative and interesting manuals, cases, and YouTube channels. They have also devised a new idea of generating traffic by using mobile apps. Isn’t this interesting?


If you need help you can feel free to text the managers at and they will help you out.

Features of has a lot of exciting features that it provides for smooth betting and gambling. Here is the list of those features:

  • Gambling provides free apps to Android/iOS to buy traffic to any of the partners
  • The best in market CPA rates (earnings per install/conversion)
  • On most of the offers, you are allowed to send incentivized traffic
  • The apps provided are beautifully designed with themes and have got great reviews
  • It also has applications that are optimized for first deposit or registration
  • You will see the offers that you require for GEO
  • network offers top-notch training for the webmasters to make the most of their traffic
  • Their customer support is superb and you can easily contact them if facing issues with working on the apps
  • Their knowledge base is very wide. This implies that they have more than 80 cases and manuals. All their cases are well tested and the user need not spend extra penny on testing and approach.
  • Their approaches are top and best. They offer readymade approaches so that you can work with different sources of traffic and different GEO.

Offers by

Many of you must be wondering about the offers by They provide offers from foreign countries as well as Russia. But which one is more profitable?

In gambling, money is the primary factor and wherever you get more money that area is profitable. Irrespective of your involvement in this sector, be it a few days or years, foreign GEO will give you more. For instance, if you are earning $5 – $10 confirmed leads in retail sector, then abroad you can earn $20 – $50 per confirmed lead. This is a huge sum!

The second vital factor is the audience, because more the opportunities, more opportunities you have to grow. Russia’s internet audience is 110 million, which is a bit more than 2% of the whole world.

The third factor is the income. More the income of the person, more will be his spending power. It is understood that a foreign resident’s living standard will be higher than that of a Russian resident, which means foreigners can invest more than Russians.

Thus, it is clear that foreign GEO will be higher because of the above reasons and will be more profitable.

Making Money with

We are here because we want to make money by gambling and betting. But how to do that? The payment is made when your targeted traffic performs certain targeted actions on the offers. The website also pays for registration, installing applications, and depositing. The amount paid is not fixed but is dependent on the offer. You can see this from a catalog of offers in their network and see where and for what target action how much payment will be made. also offers a system of Cash Hold, which is a standard hold on all the offers and the time limit is 14 days. This time is essential for the new connected partners who do not have much traffic which has passed the test. For users who are regular and whose traffic has passed the test, this pay-out time can be either cancelled or reduced, accordingly.

This hold term is not fixed and can be altered as per the test passed by the traffic. For unambiguous results and passing of tests, the hold period can be reduced. In case the results are ambiguous and are unsure whether all the traffic has passed the test, then the hold term can be increased. It is essential to take these steps in order to determine the quality of the traffic.

The payment is made weekly under the CPA model in the Russian Federation and is done automatically. The minimum payment amount you can order is $1.

There are also chances of getting early payments especially for regular partners whose traffic is already tested and is regularly performing the KPI of the offers. Such partners can withdraw money from 12 hours to 3 days’ time.

What is Prohibited on the Network?

Any kinds of fraud, targeted traffic from PTC sites, and rebroking are strictly prohibited on their networks. The “Traffic Sources” block on the Offers tab on the website will help you fill the traffic from a specific source for a specific offer.

Advantages of

As we can now see this website is undoubtedly the number one website for gambling and betting.

  • The CPA network is paying, reliable and the tracking is very swift and in real-time.
  • Their team comprises proficient people who are the best in the business.
  • They have very helpful and prompt customer support.
  • They provide free apps to iOS/Android for buying traffic.
  • They boast of a vast knowledge base of cases and manuals. They also have their YouTube channel.

Conclusion is a trusted means by more than 30,000 webmasters in CIS countries and Russia. They are welcoming for partners and will proffer full cooperation and deliver them huge profits. Their team is a permanent member of International Thematic Conferences and boast of having the best managers in the whole market who will accompany and help you in all the stages – buying traffic, selecting the offers, etc.

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