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5 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2020 To Make $$$$$

Do you want to start a fitness blog and looking for the 5 best fitness affiliate programs?

The health industry is evergreen, and ever-demanding, which makes it the perfect choice to start a blog in 2020.

Whether you want to reduce your belly fat to stay fit or want to boost your captivating power, fitness will rejuvenate your body.

The fact that the fitness niche is ever growing up to some trillions of dollars; makes it the perfect industry to enroll for fitness affiliate programs.

But finding the 5 best fitness affiliate programs in 2020 to make money could be a daunting task.

Don’t worry as we got you covered with the latest & best fitness affiliate programs in 2020.

fitness affiliate programs

Check out 5 best Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2020 till the end, and you will discover a high earning affiliate program in a flash.

Why choose Fitness Affiliate Programs?

Fitness is a trend, and this trend has become a potential earning niche for many bloggers.

In day-to-day life, you’ll find many celebrity stars promoting different brands on social media with their in-shape pictures.

When users look at these photos with the brand influence, they get a real feel of the product.

Bloggers also follow the trend of posting their toned figures to leverage the audience. Thus, the level of trust increases, and so increases sales.

People now have realized the importance of fitness and are taking out time from their busy schedule to stay fit by performing various activities outside or inside their home.

Some would prefer to buy health drinks, while others prefer to buy online courses to perform various activities.

You have to target the right audience with the right needs, and you will see how fitness affiliate programs work magic.

With people becoming more health-conscious, fitness affiliate programs are the most lucrative way to money online.

Here’s the list of 5 best fitness affiliate programs to promote in 2020.

List of  5 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2020


Phen375 reduces your calorie and leads to weight loss. You will get in shape without any prescription at as low as $3.80/day.

Millions of customers have been satisfied by losing that extra pound that gave a sexier look.

Phen375 is a dietary supplement that reduces food cravings and improves your metabolism to burn extra fat in your body.

It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee along with a diet plan and videos for exercising at home.

Why promote Phen375?

  • It offers an affiliate commission rate between 30% to 40%.
  • You can target both men & women (aged 18 to 65).
  • EPC is $7.96
  • A lifetime cookie tracking, so you won’t miss out on any sale.
  • Regular payments made monthly.
  • Join CJ, Share A Sale, or Offer Island for Pay per sale affiliate program.
  • Joining link-

Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie evolved her life from being a single mother to a confident coach and a fitness cover model.

Her full body reset program offers body transformation in 3 simple steps that include change of mental state, planning your diet to lose weight, and exercises that tone your body to look sexier.

She has changed women’s lives with her simple yet effective programs by offering supplements, books, and support.

Why promote Natalie Jill Fitness?

Body Spartan

Your one-stop-shop for men’s & women’s nutrition, bundles, and apparel & gear is Body Spartan.

You will find ultimate programs like Genesis, G2, Revolution, Ignite, Savage Shred, Unleashed, and more for free.

You have to join any of the programs, watch the videos for step-by-step instructions, look into your dashboard to get your nutritional plan, and finish off what you started in a month.

There is no risk in joining any of the programs, but like 50,000 satisfied customers, you have the chance to shape your body as you had imagined.

Why promote Body Spartan?

Ace Fitness

Ace offers a new & improved personal trainer study program now at 40% off for a limited time.

Over 35 million people have transformed their lives with the Ace certification program provided by 90,000 certified professionals.

You can choose any certification course depending upon your requirements like a personal coach, group instructor, health coach, and medical specialist.

Ace is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide NCCA accredited certification. People can move forward and make a career with resources leading to a healthy life.

Why promote Ace?


Bowflex offers fitness equipment for home fitness over the past 30 years. While others provide expensive gym machines, Bowflex offers innovative gym machines that get equipped at home.

With such an innovation, you no more have to wait for your turn to use the machines or buy a membership plan.

It is a one-time investment, and every family member can get hands-on the machine at your home.

With smarter, breakthrough solutions, it remains a gold standard in-home fitness. A consistent effort by a team of fitness beginners & experts offers innovative products.

Why promote Bowflex?

Take Down

The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is staying fit. If you have the determination to stay fit, only then you can convey the same to your audience.

The best way to offering healthy tips and products to your audience is by joining any of the 5 Best fitness affiliate programs in 2020.

Imagine one hand with a dumbbell but the other with money.

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