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Top Crypto Advertising Networks to Advertise in 2023

The blockchain is the trend of the time and has been growing rapidly. A few years back, No one knew there is something like cryptocurrency also.

No one wants to miss the chance of investing and trading in a rising trading option. Several people are going with cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency advertising, mining, ICO investments. So, affiliate marketing is associated with everything that can be sold and traded in. Here’s how crypto advertising networks came into light.

Due to the specifics of this market, affiliates are asking a load of critical questions like Where to buy traffic to promote a crypto trading campaign? or Are there any trusted ICO/Crypto advertising networks out there?

Yes, such networks and they are many in numbers!

Well, I am not predicting the future of the industry but the possibility to make money at the time with cryptocurrency is huge. Do not miss the chance of promoting crypto offers.

Best Cryptocurrency Advertising Networks: An overview

The following discussion is about everything you would want to know about a particular affiliate network: offers, types of targeting features, whether or not you can count on a great customer support, and much more!.

Let’s take a look at some of the best crypto advertising networks:

1. Coinzilla


Coinzilla is a crypto & trading performance advertising network. It was mounted and run by Sevio Solutions.

Coinzilla works with more than 200 brands and over 400 publishers. They have such a great approach in the bitcoin industry. They have left no door unopened in the blockchain market for monetizing and increasing the revenue. So, you will get the best ads for bitcoin related website.

Talking about targeting, advertisers select which websites and GEOs they want to receive traffic from. You can get more options in case you get in touch with an account manager! Available Cost Models are both Coinzilla and its publishers work exclusively with CPM in all ad formats. Advertisers can run different crypto or financial such as casinos, trading platforms, ICOs, and other types of ads that are safe for work.

Strongest GEOs: USA, Russia, Germany, Turkey, and the United Kingdom

Both advertisers and publishers have live/ticket support and an account manager who will help them out in no time!

2. TokenAd


TokenAd is one of the best cryptocurrency affiliate network platform powered with the latest technology trend in the advertising industry and that is real-time bidding. They are connected with the top ICO calendar sites, cryptocurrency exchange, trading sites and crypto-first publications over the web. Working directly with the advertisers and publishers, TokenAd has made a good brand in the blockchain industry.

Most of the publishers are working exclusively with them because they target only one industry and that is blockchain. They have made crypto as their working environment, they target only crypto market and all the advertisement are about cryptocurrency and ICO.

The minimum deposit required to work with the platform is $10,000. No more a game for everyone!

So, the bigger the investment, the bigger the risk would be. But keep yourself limited with investment and the risk if you’re just starting with this. Alright. Do not be too cautious. Just go ahead and hit a test before you actually invest huge money into it.

Base targeting is eitherGeo or the Device. Retargeting is also available for you to advertise to your audience consistently. Almost all the major ad formats are supported like native ads, bottomline, display banners, and videos. You can either pay/bid for each click (cpc) or for every thousand impressions you get (cpm) and pay or get paid by PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments, WebMoney, AliPay or Bank/Wire transfer.

Strongest GEOs: Poland, Brazil, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Mexico

Since this ad network is solely focused on crypto, topping-up your account through your crypto wallet is the standard (works for Bitcoin and Ethereum.)

A Real-Time Bidding Platform – TokenAd has its own RTB platform. It effectively offers you to perform a super-efficient and fast bidding auction. Moreover, you’ll get to collect statistical data using the platform. How awesome is that!

3. A-Ads

a-ads crypto advertising network

A-Ads provides a simple online crypto advertising platform that’s quite user-friendly and focused on protecting your privacy – it does not require any personal data submission whatsoever!

The daily budget formula works really efficiently for them. The advertiser sets a budget to be spent in a day and advertise every day like a pro. It gives more control to the advertiser and more options to the affiliates. These guys believe global advertising is for everyone and they make it real!

There is no minimum deposit to start and you can buy traffic from your favorite platforms directly. In addition, the system is built so that all the traffic you get actually comes from direct publishers. Available Cost Models are pay per day, pay per result (acquisition) and pay per mille (thousand impressions).

Strongest GEOs: USA, Brazil, India, Russia, and Vietnam.



BitMedia is one of the premier bitcoin advertising platforms, converged on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Their mission is to enhance the earnings of both publishers and publishers as a bitcoin ad network! This is what they mean by business.

The network deals with over 3k websites related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. These sites bring around 40 million impressions daily for the advertisers.

A great news “No minimum deposit to start with” but they do have a minimum bid option. Available cost models are CPC and CPM while the targeting is possible based on GEO, Device, and Time of the Day.

Strongest GEOs: USA, Canada, European countries, Russia, and the UK

Support: There’s a support crew that’s always glad to assist in setting up an ad campaign, adjusting it, and getting it started. They are your go-to people when it comes to getting that sweet cash!


Reread the list of the best crypto advertising networks, think about the kind of investment you wanna make, and then go for it with panache!

Pick a crypto advertising/affiliate network and rock on!