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Have you ever thought of earning $100 per day with little or no effort? Read this review and you will learn how to make money online with push notifications ads.

Oh yes, you heard it right!

Push notifications are what you need on your website, so visitors can subscribe to it, and everything they click on it, you earn. Wasn’t this a cool idea to earn online?

Ask me or any other top affiliate marketers around the world, and the answer would be the same. Joining a push advertising platform gives you peace of mind, as there are no tricks or complications in running push ads.

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Today in this post, I have contemplated a review, so you can go ahead, and join this network.

What are the Push Notifications?

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Have you seen small pop-ups appearing on the screen of your device either mobile or desktop? These are known as push notifications.

A user receives push notifications only when agreed to it by subscribing with a click of a button. This happens when a user lands on a website, and upon asking permission for receiving push notifications, agrees to it.

Push subscriptions provide updates on news, events, or product offers to users. The reason for its popularity is that it is clearly visible on any device. Moreover, it is negligible and unavoidable. So, the user tends to click on it.

When the user clicks on it, the user gets redirected to the advertisers landing page. You (publisher) earn money upon every click but the clicks should not be spam.

If the network finds out your leads to be spam or fake, your account gets banned. The possibility of earning $100 a day with push notifications is huge. This is only because you have a large amount of traffic on your website.

Advantages of push notifications

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  • No additional space is required as the notifications appear as pop-ups.
  • Unlike other ad formats, push notifications do not hide your main content and appear at the top of the device.
  • Can be combined with other monetization methods.
  • You will receive profit from the users till the time they have subscribed. Upon unsubscription, you won’t receive any profit.
  • Payments are made every day and week via popular payment methods.
  • Easy to set up and configure with any kind of website until the rules are not broken.

Introduction to

ClickStar is one of the best and growing push notifications ads network with over 3 M daily clicks. It supports both desktop and mobile devices, so you can aggressively promote ads.

Supported ad formats by include Native Ads (yet to be launched), Push notifications, iOS Calendars, and Redirect Traffic. Let us learn more about these ad formats in brief.

Push Notification

We have already discussed push notifications in the previous section of review. This type of ad format is easy to integrate into your website. However, it requires huge traffic to monetize effectively. Push traffic is estimated to generate 3 M clicks daily.

Redirect Traffic

This type of ad format is triggered with the first click on your site. The ads are in a full-page format and remain behind the webpage. It does not interfere with the content as the ads appear in the background until the window is closed. The ads are expected to generate 1M daily clicks and are, therefore, a less popular ad format.

iOS Calendars

This is the newest ad format that generates over 200K daily clicks and is similar to push notifications. The reason for its non-popularity is that it is made only for iOS devices. The conversion is perfect for iOS devices and informs users about trending events and product promotions.

Native Ads

This ad format displays articles, infographics, videos with the highest click-through rates. It is considered to be the most popular type of ad format and is loved by advertisers.

Why Should Publishers Join

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Publishers can benefit in a lot of ways when joining compared to other push ads networks. Here are some advantages provided by to publishers.

  • Free and easy to join with instant approval.
  • Payouts are fast and processed each day.
  • Any kind of websites unless they do not break the laws are accepted.
  • Ads are free from vulnerabilities and not prohibited for the user’s views.
  • Get paid till the user doesn’t unsubscribe to the push notifications.
  • Push notifications can be set to send at least five times a day.
  • Support via Skype, Telegram, and email 24/7.
  • Push notifications are not prohibited by search engines, so you can boost your ROI.

Features Offered By uses innovative technology to provide the best services to publishers and advertisers.

You will never feel left behind with unique features. In this last section of review, I will explain to you its features.

  • Smart bidding technology helps in increasing conversion with a targeted price.
  • A simple and intuitive platform to launch your campaigns effortlessly.
  • Allows you in real-time tracking of your conversions and optimizing your campaigns.
  • Specialized in push user base providing high-quality bot-free traffic.
  • Advanced audience targeting options like GEO, Device, OS, IP, and more.
  • Allows you to set push notifications frequency from 1 to 16 times.
  • Daily payout with popular payment methods Webmoney, MasterCard, Visa, etc.
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Start making money right now with exclusive push traffic at global ads network. I hope the review was helpful to give you all the information about its platform.

Do share your experience of working with other push ads networks and compare it with ClickStar.

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