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Top Chatbot Platforms/ Tools for your Website

Marketing has ever been changing and striving to improve the consumer experience. From the past decade, the focus on user experience has been witnessing exponential growth.

You might have been hearing a lot about the terms like UI(User Interface), UX(User Experience)
over a past few years. Every industry is trying to create value around the product to offer a seamless experience to customers.

The marketing and communication industry has been progressing rapidly with the invent of artificial intelligence and machine learning terms like Natural Language Generation, Text to speech synthesis and so on.

Despite this, many times marketers get engaged in answering the same questions again and again. Thanks to AI, his problem can be solved with the implementation of Chatbots!

Chatbots are programs that are designed to talk like humans. You can call them as an automated chat system which replies to customer’s common queries or frequently asked questions.

Now that you got to know what chatbots are, let’s quickly have a look at some stats and see how chatbots bring value to our business.

Advantages of using Chatbots on a website:

In earlier days, if customers had any doubt there were only a few options to interact with the service provider. But with the evolution in marketing tactics in recent times, communication methods have also transformed.

The mobile messaging industry has been growing very rapidly from the inception of Whatsapp.
The need for a real-time instant messaging didn’t restrict to personal messaging only, rather it became a medium to serve 24/7 customer support using AI.

Here we have mentioned a few reasons why you should leverage the chatbots for automating your marketing and sales funnel.

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List of Top Chatbot tools for your website

Well, we have got all your questions covered and created a list of top chatbot tools for your website to pace up your marketing efforts.

Let’s get started.

1. Chatfuel


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With more than 1.6 billion Facebook users every day, many people use Facebook messengers for communication.

Chatfuel is a leading chatbot platform for Facebook messenger. It’s the most widely used bot tool and also used by companies like Adidas, Coke Studio, ABC News and many more.

If you’re looking for a facebook bot, then Chatfuel is a perfect pick. And the good news is it’s free.


Learn More lets you build chatbots in a couple of minutes. This chat-based marketing system helps you to offer sales and services to your customers and increase business.

Although it supports chatbots for Facebook, Twitter, Slack, etc. the highlight is on WhatsApp chat marketing.

Morph offers seamless integrations with most used marketing software like Salesforce, Shopify, Intercom saving your time by adding leads manually.

With the analytics board, you can easily keep a track on the stats to grow your business. The basic plan starts from $250/month.

3. MobileMonkey

Mobile Monkey chatbot

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Third on the list is the Mobile Monkey which was founded by Larry Kim, one of the most famous internet marketer.

It offers many readily designed templates for different types of business ranging from Real Estate bot, Marketing bot to Survey bots.

Mobile Monkey is being used by some of the major online marketers, trainers and has attracted a lot of attention over the past few years.

The free plan has a lot to offer and there are 4 other options to upgrade to paid plans.

4. Flow XO

Flow XO

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Flow XO is a free chatbot platform offering two services viz, Flow XO for Workflow and Flow XO for a chat. The platform offers more than 100 integrations with 3rd party applications ranging from the basic Google sheets to marketing CRM’s, databases and other media software.

It’s a tool that everyone will require to fully automate the process from lead generation to lead conversion. The free plan offers 500 interactions, email support and 2 weeks of log.

5. Dialogflow


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Dialogflow is another workflow chatbot platform that utilizes the Natural Language Processing(NLP) up to its fullest. It offers many ways to interact with customers using voice apps like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and chatbots like Facebook messenger, etc.

The free plan has unlimited text and Google Assistant whereas their Enterprise edition offers flexible ‘pay as you go’ payment method. If you’re looking to build natural voice conversational experiences for your customers, you can start using Dialogflow with a free plan.

6. Botsify


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Botsify is a Facebook chatbot platform which helps to answer your customer’s queries. It’s basically like an FAQ bot. You can build the chatbot design using the drag and drop interface quickly with any knowledge of coding required.

Botsify has integrations with Shopify, Alexa, Zapier, etc. If you have a website on WordPress, they have got you covered. Botsify offers a free trial for 14 days and thereafter you’ll be upgraded to the paid plans.

7. Hubspot Chatbot Builder

Hubspot chatbot builder

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Hubspot doesn’t need any introduction. Hubspot offers it’s own Chatbot Builder which can be integrated with your website.

If you are already using Hubspot CRM, there is no need for any further integration. Just customize the flow of bots and you got an automated process for your website. If you are just thinking to implement chatbots and are a Hubspot use, you can start using their Chatbot Builder for free.


Learn More is a free software platform to create text and voice-based bots.

Wit learns from users questions and extracts the needed useful information. Thereafter, you can use a command from already existing Wit community or create your command. It supports a lot of languages and also has speech recognization for many languages. You can just log in with GitHub or Facebook and start using Wit.Ai

Start automating your conversations with Chatbots:

Chatbots are surely an excellent way to reduce the bounce rate on your website and increase customer engagement.

Though in recent past, the chatbots usage haven’t seen the former growing graph, still it is something that cannot be avoided if you haven’t tried it yet. Choose any free chatbot tool from the above mentioned top 8 chatbot tools for your website and start implementing on your platforms just in minutes.

So what are waiting for, select anyone and start experimenting…!!!

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