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10+ Best Makeup Affiliate Programs for bloggers in 2020

If you remember the last product advertisement, the result would inevitably be a cosmetic advertisement. The cosmetic industry is at the whole time high now and will only go from strength to strength here on. Many people are benefiting from being in the industry and using any makeup affiliate programs.

You can also join the people in what is becoming a significant revenue stream and increase its reach in the time to come. The good thing about the cosmetic industry is that over the last several years, not once the demand has been gone downwards. The demand’s upward curve is enough to make anyone believe that this is the business to be.

Top Makeup Affiliate Programs for Beauty Bloggers and Influencers

Some of the best makeup affiliate programs are listed below.



Sephora has a large number of beauty-related products and a diverse selection of skincare creams. Products that are considered a luxury to the ones used every day, there’s a lot choose from, and this diversity is the unique selling point of the products in this company. The company gives up to 10% of the commission and 4% commission to the returning clients. The cookie period is about a month, and Sephora has partnered with LinkShare to provide more tools to the marketers. Additional benefits include free samples with every order and free shipping over $50 order. Along with this, exclusive newsletter and affiliate only offer are also provided.

BH Cosmetics

bh cosmetics

BH Cosmetics was founded in Los Angeles, and this company knows very well what it is doing. More interested in developing a trend themselves rather than following it, they also have created an image for themselves to have manufactures only cruelty free cosmetics. It gives about an 8% commission on an order from a link used under 60 days. It has partnered with Rakuten LinkShare Network, and you free to join them as an advertiser. They have Promotional offers and monthly incentives. It has a 90 day cookie period. It has a conversation rate of about 6.46%, and the customer support team will help you achieve the best results. For customers, free shipping of orders over $40 is provided.

Black Opal

black opal

Black Opal is a company with skincare products that, to an extent, has revolutionized the cosmetics industry. They have skincare products with priority given to every skin color and shade. In these modern times, they have not made anyone feel bad regarding the color of their skin. Black Opal gives a 9% commission for every sale that takes place. They provide free shipping on orders over $35. The company also helps affiliate members by providing unique deals and exclusive newsletters.

Ulta Beauty

ulta makeup affiliate programs

Ulta Beauty is one of the most popular beauty and style brands coming from the U.S.A. The company manufactures face masks, skin creams, and hair products of different varieties. Since the company already has a big name in the market, its promotion and it’s over 500 sub-brands secure and profitable. Most products give you a commission of about 2%, and it has a 30 day cookie period. You have to place links and promotional banners on your page or website, and you are good to go. The company also helps you with everyday free shipping offers, gifts with qualifying purchases, and online coupon codes. Some only affiliate offers are also given from time to time.

Elf Cosmetics


Some cosmetic companies have a high price compared to what are people are willing to spend; that’s where Elf Cosmetics is different. This company provides almost every makeup item and accessory at the most affordable price point. They offer an excellent chance to make money by associating with them by using their makeup affiliate programs. The company has partnered with many portals like Flex Offers and Viglink. A commission of 9% is provided for each item sold using the link. Management support is also decent as they provide you with banners and original texts.



Colorescience makes products related to skincare like skin creams, night creams, and sun care creams. Since this company makes all in one skincare products, it is quite easy to market, and the effort is returned with a 5% commission rate. Benefits such as free shipping and the free sample come with most orders. The promotional activities take place in various ways, including logos, text links, banners, etc. Getting started on the Colorescience is free and quite an easy process. The accounting management team is good, and the company will also help you increase the traffic on your page.

Erno Laszlo


A company that generally deals with skincare products, Erno Laszlo, also offers a good affiliate program. If you sign up for the Erno Laszlo Affiliate Program, you can share the links and promotions to the customers and enjoy the benefit of a 10% commission. The company has a 30 day referral period, and often exclusive offers are provided to top performers. Since CJ handles the Erno Laszlo assets, you can directly add Erno Laszlo from the CJ portal; however, you can also find the link to sign up from the Erno Laszlo website.



Scentbird is the perfect way to get a perfume that matches you. You can sample every single one of the fragrances that are present and then choose what you want. This is the stuff of dreams for people who are fussy about their perfumes. The company will help you find people their perfect fragrance by updating their info on blogs almost every day. They have a 45-day cookie length and $14 commission for every Scentbird subscription. Along with these, they also provide seasonal and holiday advertisements and coupon codes.



Sigma is the company that became famous for makeup brushes. They designed different types of brushes for every task, before turning towards making other items. The signing up for becoming a Sigma influencer is completely free. The company also provides you with a manager in order to help increase your sales and therefore increasing the commission you get. You can get as high as 10% commission with Sigma and will have access to a good customer service.


avon makeup affiliate programs

Being an old player in the cosmetics industry, this brand will not let you down. Founded 130 years ago, the company has made beauty products its focus all over the world. By becoming signing Avon’s affiliate program, you can get 10% of commission along with free shipping of high-value orders. Avon will help you prepare for the sales that your potential can make and give you updates regarding their product line up. To sign up, you need to e-mail the Avon Affiliate Team, and they will respond within 48 hours.

Cult Beauty


Cult Beauty provides you with many products related to skincare and more. The products are natural to promote, and the brand name does help in this aspect. It has a commission rate of about 10% and has a 30-day cookie duration. The feedback from the management team as good as they have inducted real-time reporting and sales tracking. They do maintain some guidelines for their marketers. Some of the guidelines include that marketer should be entirely and loop with the new product cycle and easy to navigate. For joining the Cult Beauty Affiliate Program, you have to fill out an application on Rakuten Marketing.

Look Fantastic

lookfantastic makeup affiliate programs

Look Fantastic is in cosmetics for more than two decades and has enough experience to know how to help their affiliates. By having a blog or website, you can apply for the Look Fantastic Affiliate Program. Hair products or anything else among the 14,000 products can be promoted from more than 400 brands. The commission rate can go as high as 10%. This company has one of the best dedicated support teams, which will help you with every step to create steady revenue. Apart from providing a weekly newsletter, creative banners, and more, they can provide direct support for anything specific to your website or blog. It has a 30-day cookie.



Afterglow Cosmetics offers many products related to styling and skincare. They have specific audiences to cater to as they are gluten-free. They also have made a niche for themselves by focusing on the method of cosmetic manufacturing and making it as organic as possible. Therefore, a promoter can market their products as cruelty-free. The company runs makeup affiliate programs efficiently as the management team chooses a candidate by seeing the potential. This also means that a high aiming individual is likely to get the nod. They offer a 10% commission on product sales. Interestingly, it has a lifetime cookie period.

Pur Cosmetics

pur makeup affiliate programs

Pur Cosmetics is the brand that caters to every need of the skin of any individual. The company knows the value of promoting products and therefore has an emphasis on their affiliate program. Affiliates get a commission through the sales made through their links. They offer free tracking tools, free coupons, notifications of unique items, and other benefits. They also provide tracking reports and have a partner in CJ (Commission Junction). Several unique tools are also offered to affiliates such as BounceLinks, which help in the efficient promotion of the products. They have an 8% commission system, and the affiliate management team will help you set up.

Beauty Bay

beauty bay makeup affiliate programs

Beauty Bay is a new player in the cosmetics industry and has made a name for itself in the last few years. They offer premium quality of makeup products and other styling accessories at an affordable price point. Having its reach in more than 100 countries, the promotion of the products becomes relatively more comfortable. The company offers a 10% commission and has a 30-day cookie duration. Beauty Bay sends out the weekly newsletter that contains all the details like the latest updates, trends, and product launches. The management team will help in promotion strategies and other product-related themes.

Final Words

These are some of the brands and companies with good makeup affiliate programs that can get you started as a makeup affiliate. How you decide to manage and promote these products are u to you. The ways of promotion include social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms. The blogs and websites are a constant revenue stream if you can manage to have a specific audience. New social media platforms can also be helpful when timely discovered and used to your benefit. YouTube marketing is another way that you can have a constant flow of revenue. The good thing about building an audience on these platforms is that you can influence them once you have an audience.

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