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Top 7 Infolinks Alternatives of 2024 To Make Money Online

Infolinks is a popular advertisement platform to make money online through your blog or website by displaying ads, but there are other tools out there.

To run ads, you need any type of website where you can insert the Infolinks code and the ads will be displayed automatically. Performance-based ads are one of the best ways to monetize any website’s content. 

Who can run Ads?

  • If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer publishing high-quality content to connect with your audience, ads can make you a lot of money. 
  • Not good at writing? If you cannot write well, then you can make people write by starting a forum. Forum is another good way to engage people on a single platform and let them fetch answers. When someone starts a topic, the discussion keeps on going, and so more people connect with each other.
  • Do you have excellent coding skills? You can start a free online tool like image & file size compression, online editor tools, or a website that offers free software & utilities. Free tools spread across people very fast, so the more people opening your website, the more ads will be seen. This is one heck of a solution to grab huge traffic.

Why Choose Infolinks Alternatives?

Infolinks is one of the leading methods to make money online for bloggers. If a blog contains niche content to attract an audience and keep them engaged by updating contents, then there’s a huge potential to generate massive revenue.

But that doesn’t mean it is the only choice as there are over 20+ Infolinks alternatives out there. 

One of the reasons to look out for Infolinks alternatives could be dissatisfaction with the kind of ads displayed. Another reason could be looking to run additional ads that make more money than Infolinks. 

If you have ad space that you think could be utilized to monetize your blog or site, then definitely go for Infolinks alternatives.

Let us first introduce Infolinks and then look out for its alternatives.

Infolinks Introduction

Earn smartly by adding Infolinks to any site immediately. There are no fees, you just have to sign up for free, paste the code by following the steps and start earning money with unique visits. 

Infolinks provides wide-range of ad products to help you make a lot of money. You only have to add the code to your site and Infolinks will manage everything. 

Ads get displayed depending upon the niche and content. The audience will see relevant ads and that keeps them engaged to the content instead of diverting to another site.

Different ways to display ads are infold, intop, inarticle, inframe, inscreen, and intext.

  • Infold: It displays ads with a wider view taking full advantage of search and display.
  • Intop: remains on the top even when the user scrolls through the content exclusively on smartphones.
  • Inarticle: If a user engages with the content, then displaying ads within the content could generate huge revenue.
  • Inframe: Utilize the unused space on the right and left-hand side of the screen by displaying ads vertically.
  • Inscreen: When a user views another page, the ad is displayed like an intermission.
  • Intext: Make money on every word that matches with valuable keywords. When a user hovers over the word, the ad is displayed. 

With real-time advertising solutions that take milliseconds to analyze content & deliver ads, the engagement is high and improves performance. 

List of 7 Best Infolinks Alternatives



Adsterra is one ad network with multiple ad formats and top-performing verticals. You can monetize your site traffic with popular ad formats like Pop-under, Native, Webpush, Banners, and Video ads.

All the major models like CPM, CPA, CPC, CPI for desktop and mobile are supported. You can choose any vertical like Dating, Gaming, eCommerce, utilities, Crypto, etc. If you are confused, you can take help from your affiliate manager to choose any offer and make it perform remarkably. Publishers get paid via popular payment methods like Card, Paxum, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and Wire transfer.

Its advanced campaign settings help you find the right audience for the right offers by targeting options like browser, IP, OS, Carrier, User lifetime, etc.

To set up your campaigns accurately and precisely, the smart traffic estimator helps in predicting the estimated traffic. By knowing the estimated traffic for your campaign settings, you can improvise to get better results.

API integration helps you manage SSP campaigns and save time on workflows. Instead, you can invest your time on major creativity to grow your business.  Anti-block solution helps you deliver ads to everyone ensuring not to lose ad-block traffic. It raises your CTR as adblock users don’t’ like to see ads, and you win their hearts.

Even though it’s a self-service platform, there are experienced managers to help you in choosing the right offers and growth. is the one of the top 5 largest global advertising companies offering advertising technology across native, display, mobile, and more. It has over 1300+ staffs operating around the world including North America, Europe and Asia. 

Dubai being the most famous tourist place, has its global headquarter there and the US headquarter in New York.

With its superior technology, traffic quality & compliance, and feature rich capabilities, your business will soar high profits. 

You won’t need to manage multiple vendors as it offers automation that scales your business with 100% uptime guaranteed.

It has the largest pool of advertisers, so publishers can maximize their monetization by running quality ads. Starting the ads journey with requires less than ten seconds. Simply sign up by entering the website, email address and the country you are residing in.

There are endless possibilities to maximize your revenue that includes Contextual ads, Display ads, and Native ads. 

Contextual ads is a revolutionizing ad strategy that works on a user’s intent. This ad format filters user’s intent based on relevant keywords. The result will be finely tuned ads with higher revenues as advertisers have a good budget for quality users.

You get access to exclusive Yahoo! Bing network so your content will always get relevant advertisers for targeted keywords.



Adversal is a native advertising self-serve platform to drive traffic and monetize any site for maximum revenue. It is easy to set up a campaign within minutes with no holding period or paperwork. 

The dashboard is easy to use and offers too many features to manage campaigns effortlessly. You can start, stop, pause campaigns, edits bids and review performance reports on each campaign. 

The eligibility criteria to join Adversal is a little difficult as it requires at least 50,000 pageviews per month with your own domain name. The content on websites must refrain from adult images, videos or illegal and malicious contents.

Services offered to publishers include ad formats like Native, Display, and Video, a fraud filter to deliver only quality ads, and GDPR compliant. There are no long term contracts or commitment, you can hassle-free run campaigns as you want, when you want.

Sovrn Commerce


Sovrn designed products specific to publishers need empowering them to learn, earn and grow more in the online industry. It allows you to monetize any kind of website by running ad auctions and server-to-server bidding. 

Whether you have a blog or an eCommerce site, you can connect the audience with your content effortlessly and also maximize the value of every unique visitor.

With in-depth analytics, you will learn your mistakes that keep you away from your targets. Knowledge is wisdom, so use it to grow your business with analytical reports.

All the data transferred is 100% risk-free, safe and secure. Unlike other advertising platforms, you will get paid instantly through popular payment methods. 

Sovrn knows how important it is to keep the money flowing, hence processes your payments faster.

One key feature is unblocking and monetizing viewers that block ads. 

With a single JavaScript implementation, you can access multiple products, and remove the headache of coding. 



Skimlinks automatically convert commerce content into affiliate links reducing your burden to create affiliate links manually. With automation technology, you can focus on writing and discovering products & brands depending upon your audience interest. 

It tracks a sales of $2.5 M every day with over 60,000 publishers and 48,500 merchants worldwide.

With its preferred partner program, publishers get special commissions from merchants and get identified as VIP.

The platform is easy and free to use and is 100% trusted & certified by USDAA, EDAA, and IAB. It is also GDPR compliant.

Publishers get access to a large pool of affiliate programs with over 50 networks including CJ, Awin, and Rakuten Advertising.

The Skimlinks publishers hub provides real-time reporting that includes performance, clicks and revenue. Publishers can leverage the data to understand the performance of each campaign and generate more profit.

Skimlinks API reporting gives you flexibility to import data into any third-party tools for growing your business flawlessly.

By simply adding a code on your website and AMP pages, all the commerce links will convert into affiliate links. This automatically scales your business as you start earning from big brands.



Revcontent maximizes publishers revenue with maximum cash-flow, flexibility, and lightweight customizable technology. It empowers publishers to grow their reach and engagement without compromising on the technology.

What makes Revcontent favorable over other competitors is its modern, flexible, and lightweight widgets. Lighter widgets reduce page latency and the page loads 60% faster than competitors.

It allows publishers to customize the colors and fonts of native sponsored content. 

Direct relationships cut out the middleman and lets publishers get in touch with the advertisers directly. There is no cookie dependency as the first party data belongs to the publishers.

Revcontent improves readability by fixing the ad size to 10% and the remaining 90% is content. This increases traffic monetization by 20% higher rates than the competitors and means more revenue.

For better decision making, publishers can create visual data like pie charts, and graphs for detailed performance reports on revenue.

Get world-class support from support teams and account managers to strategize your business and scale.



Bidvertiser is a direct advertising self-serve network with full transparency between the advertiser and the publishers.

With over a decade of experience, it ensures quality traffic sources for generating higher revenues. There’s nothing  hidden with segmentation and transparency on the traffic sources. 

Since the traffic is segmented, you can easily target the audience with accurate targeting options. This includes Geo, user agent, device, browser, ISP, carrier, subid, bid and day parting. 

With automatic optimization, you get access to every minor detail of the traffic leading to success. Ad formats like Native, Push, Direct, Pop-under, and XML support both mobile and desktop.

Their in-house state-of-the-art technology combined with machine learning ensures to count every single impression. 

Its fraud detection technology & super-fast delivery makes Bidvertiser platform unique and highly engaging.  

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So what are your thoughts on the top 7 Infolinks alternatives of 2024?

There are so many platforms to earn money online but these top 7 Infolinks alternatives are the best ones.

If you have joined any of the above advertising platforms, then do share your experience. But if you haven’t, then this is your chance to earn passive income just by sitting at home with a cup of coffee.