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Content Locker Case Study – How I Made 50% More Commission?

This affiliate network made me earn 47% more, thanks to its Content Locker.

Affiliate networks can boast in various tools to make their publishers maximize their earnings. Lately Content Lockers have been gaining more and more recognition among affiliate publishers.

content locking case study

Here we are with some basic comparison between Content Lockers from OGAds, CPAGrip and MyLead. But, first let us discuss what content lockers are and then talk about the different content locker categories.

What are Content Lockers?

Content Lockers can also be called “an empty offer”. They allow affiliate publishers to monetize their websites or mobile apps. How? Just like the name suggests – by blocking a particular part of a publisher’s website.

What precisely can be blocked? Anything! For example, the rest of an article or some premium content. If the users wants to access a blocked part or an item, they must first complete a task from a created list.

Creating an account and verifying it

The first difference that can be noticed during the first step of creating an account on these three websites is that you don’t have to be verified on MyLead and CPAGrip.

Once you have your account created for free, you can go and start making and using your Content Lockers. 

In order to be signed up on OGAds and be able to use and create their Content Lockers, you must answer very insightful questions about your traffic sources, websites, ways of promotions, income, etc. Then, your questionnaire must be approved by an account manager. 

Earning money with MyLead and CPAGrip starts right away. You sign up, go to your user panel and make your Content Lockers. Right, let’s get into them.

There are a few types of Content Lockers, but for now let us divide them into two categories that OGAds, CPAGrip, and MyLead offer. These can be Desktop and Mobile Content Lockers.

Desktop Content Locker

As the name suggests, desktop Content Lockers will show up on your users’ desktop devices, when they are visiting your website.

Even though it seems pretty obvious, it’s still worth remembering that your users will use mobile devices, as well as desktop ones. So, it’s important to make sure your monetization tools work on desktop devices, too. 

On the other hand, it’s a good thing that all three of the “competitors” offer both of the types, but it makes it harder to choose from them. Let’s get into more specific factors then.

What are the types of Desktop Content Lockers?

There are several, different types of Content Lockers. In order to choose one or another to have to ask yourself some questions.

Once you answer them, we can take a look at the types of available content lockers on each of the affiliate networks.

CPA Content Lockers

They may be called differently in various affiliate networks, but CPA Content Locker, just like any other type, appears if the user wants to get access to a given part of your website.

The differences start after that. In this type, the list of offers will show up. Your viewer will have to complete at least one of them in order to unlock your content. Just like that. 

All three of the presented affiliate networks offer CPA Content Lockers. All of them have the option to be put on mobile devices, too. However, publishers have said that it is MyLead’s CPA Content Locker that stands out the best because of these reasons:

  • modern appearance, 
  • simple, but rich in option creation mode.

Publishers say that MyLead’s CPA Content Locker has helped them increase their profits by almost 50% quicker and with no bigger efforts. 

This is what it looks like when you’re creating your CPA Content Lockers on MyLead. It’s clear and simple to do, but it has many useful features that can satisfy even the most advanced publishers.

Here you can see examples of how all three of the CPA Content Lockers look like:

Captcha Locker

Captcha Lockers are really effective because it looks like the well-known anti-bot security system – reCAPTCHA. It gained love from affiliate publishers because of its accessibility and how easy they are to use.

When the user wants to view your blocked content, they will have to confirm that they are human. However, verification will not consist in selecting photos of traffic lights, but in making at least one offer from the list. MyLead and OGAds offer this kind of Content Lockers. 

It’s a small, but a very effective tool that works on mobile devices, too. When using Captcha Lockers from MyLead, you get to create the list of offers yourself, just like in the case of CPA Content Locker. Because of that you can be sure to get everything you expect from your viewers.

To use Captcha Locker from MyLead for free, you must be signed up. Once you are, click here, to create your own Captcha Locker!

File Locker

Thanks to File Lockers, you can block the download of a file available on your website. Users wishing to download it, will need to complete at least one task on your list.

After that, they will be able to access the file. File Locker is also available on mobile devices. Even though CPAGrip and OGAds offer File Lockers, they are not customizable like those on MyLead.

CPAGrip’s File Locker creation process

Both File Lockers and CPA Content Lockers from MyLead are fully customizable, you can choose from available graphic templates or simply adjust its elements to your source traffic and individual preferences.

You can choose anything – background colors, fonts and obviously – the content. Your File Locker will fit perfectly into the appearance of the website on which you want to use it.

You can also complete any information about the shared file – its name, file size and other data. It will make your website look more trustworthy and will build your credibility.

Mobile Devices Content Lockers

According to mobile affiliate marketing statistics, 50% of affiliate-referred traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile devices are bringing an ever-increasing amount of affiliate-referred traffic.

Because of that, it’s a significant factor for Content Lockers to work on mobile devices, too.

There is a special type of Content Lockers called Mobile Rewards. Mobile Rewards allow you to effectively monetize your mobile applications.

You provide your recipients with a list of offers, and for each task performed with it, your users receive a certain number of points.

The accumulated points can then be redeemed for prizes. You decide what your users can get from you. This can be a bonus in a smartphone game or access to premium content you’ve blocked in your mobile app. 

Mobile Rewards – a way to gain points

Mobile Rewards is a monetization tool that works only on mobile devices. You provide your users with a list of offers, and for each task performed with it, they receive a certain number of points.

The accumulated points can then be redeemed for prizes. It’s up to you what prizes will your users receive – it can be a bonus in a smartphone game or an access to premium content you’ve blocked in your mobile app. 

Only MyLead and OGAds offer Mobile Rewards. CPAGrip has something similar – Offer Walls. It works the same way but it’s not adjusted to mobile devices that well and is more suitable for desktop usage. 

Publishers have also admitted that MyLead’s Mobile Rewards have a noticeably more modern appearance and are more pleasant to the users.

Publishers have been sympathetic to MyLead’s Mobile Rewards, because of its modern appearance and possibility of total control over chosen rewards.

In order to create your own Mobile Rewards on MyLead, all you have to do is create a free account, then go to your panel and let your imagination flow!

To do so, click here:


As you can see, each and every one of the mentioned affiliate networks have great monetization tools that will help you maximize your earnings as a publisher. It’s up to which one you choose.

But to help you in the process, let us give you a brief reminder of which affiliate network offers the most.

In order to make sure your choice is the best possible, try using all of the presented options. Thanks to this method, you’ll learn which affiliate network’s monetization tools work best for you and for websites. 

As you can see both MyLead, and OGAds offer all the types of Content Lockers. Start utilizing content lockers if you want to make 50% more commissions.

How to choose between them?

Remember that with MyLead, you can start creating your Content Lockers and earning money right after you sign up for free.

Their creation mode looks clean and simple, but the options available there are advanced and gives you a lot of freedom. 

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