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10+ Best App Monetization Platforms of 2024

Monetization of the mobile app is a new method of making money through apps without even charging for the app itself.

Sounds great!

Still, it is definitely not a cup of cake as it to capture the mass consumer. The list of the top app monetization platforms successfully monetizing are discussed in this article. Once you enter the mobile app business world, the key to success is to keep identifying market opportunities available. So, let’s start with the list of best ways to monetize your mobile app.

Several media owners are in constant seek for monetizing their inventory at premium rates. In-app monetization is vast. Developers can introduce a new updated version of their app or they can set premiums or superior plan purchase options for additional features and enhanced performance of it. A number of promising Ad Networks are discussed below. If you go through keenly, it might help you in opting the correct and suitable platform for yielding revenue rates and maximize overall profit.

Top Mobile app Monetization Platforms of 2019

1. Audience Network by Facebook

facebook monetization for apps

Advertisers create engaging experiences in exciting formats in the form of videos or pictures seeking the interest of the targeted audiences and monetize through Facebook.

This is the most sustainable and securest platform for the publishers who are focussing on revenue growth of their businesses. The mobile app can be a utility, game or anything else. Starting with the audience network by Facebook is very easy. All you need is to integrate the code and to help you out in that, detailed developer’s guide is available.

audience network by facebook

Facebook audience network offers you amazing ads types such as rewarded video, in-stream ads, native ads and standard display ads for your mobile app. Furthermore, Facebook’s app monetization platform offers you great payout for this.


media net app monetization

This app is so prominent and can be considered as an alternative to Google Adsense. The procedure is quite easy for the publishers as it follows an invitation system. To join, you just need to request an invite. has set its standards high as it only high-quality and high-monetizing ads.

3. Fyber

Fyber platform

Fyber is a global technology company which has expertise in mediation. With its smart technology, it has developed a next-generation platform for app monetization. Gaining traffic is no big deal with rewarded videos and thereby driving international benefits.

4. Adcolony

adcolony mobile advertising done right

This mobile ad network is an integrated system that connects advertisers to publishers and also matches the inventory of suppliers according to the ads’ demand. It delivers a transparent ad network as the videos are viewed in real time by real users.

5. Smaato

interstitial video by smaato

Samato tops the list when it comes to South Asian and European markets. You can do tie-ups at modest rates as it offers very competitive rates. It leaves other similar platforms behind by connecting more than 10,000 advertisers with more than 90,000 app developers.

6. InMobi in-app Advertising Platform

InMobi, basically matches the advertisers and the publishers. Consumers here get to discover about new products and services through InMobi. This way mobile app publishers earn a lot through real-time bidding too. App monetization is also a major part of the Agenda of affiliate marketing events and conferences in 2019.

7. Unity Ads

Being the world’s largest gaming community, no wonder Unity Ads has made its place in this list. This is the best platform for monetizing your game projects.

Unity, no doubt, is one of the best platforms to build amazing mobile games and launch a successful mobile game business. Of course, you also need to advertise inside your mobile game to make money out of it. And this has to be considered while developing the same. So, here’s Unity ads to help you out making huge money from your mobile games.

8. Mopub

Mopub, a Twitter company, powers the leading monetization platform for mobile applications. It provides access to high-quality audiences. Features enabled in Mopub help in managing ad campaigns, targeted capabilities, native ad formats, banner creations and more.  Its CPM rates are a little higher than other platforms.

9. Chartboost


Chartboost is one of the leading mobile app monetization platforms where you can also market your own application. It means you can advertise and monetize from the single dashboard. Isn’t it amazing?

You can start with a budget and market your new mobile application. Once you get a good number of installs, you’ll be in a position to cash-in those installs by monetizing it with video ads or display ads.

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