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Affise Review | Start your own affiliate program today!

When it comes to talking about performance-based marketing, the role of a tracking solution is very crucial. Where everyone talks more about the quality of traffic and the ways to convert more users into customers, the quality of the tracking software should not be missed.

To make any performance marketing campaign successful, you need to first set up the tracking efficiently. The reason is to track the performance of your affiliates and partners accurately.

Affise comes here and takes all your stress away to track your marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a direct advertiser or an affiliate network, you can start using Affise tracking to track impressions, clicks, leads, sales and almost every user action that you want to be tracked.

What is Affise?

what is affise

In simple words, Affise is a tracking SaaS software that will help you create your own affiliate program or affiliate network. A full-fledged software that lets you administer a network business efficiently while it tracks the traffic, clicks and conversions. Starting from setting up advertisers and their campaign to recruiting affiliates and paying their commissions, Affise does it all.

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Features of the Dashboard

Offer Capping and Special Caps
Smart Affiliate and Advertiser Management
Real-Time Event Tracking and Customized Goals
Smart Caps
Landings Support
Multiple Pricing Models
Advanced TrafficBack
Referral System to Reward Promoters
Top Partners Page
Carriers/ISP Tracking and device/technology tracking
Advanced Account Control
News System and Tickets for Affiliate
Custom domains tracking
Audit History
Billing for Affiliates
Pixel and Postback Control
White-Labeling Solution for Rebranding
Publisher Portal
Complete API Support
Static Pages
Publisher and Advertiser Billing
Custom Report Calculations
Deep Targeting

Your Admin Dashboard:

network admin

The administration dashboard lets you manage everything. You can even create your own customized dashboard. Where the dashboard gives you a clear overview of your network’s weather, you can look further and see statistics, manage offers, arrange advertisers and recruit affiliates and much more.

White Label Solution

Most business owners would not prefer the tracking software’s branding anywhere inside their CPA network’s dashboard. If you’re one of them, you can use the white label option. The branding options are not limited to colors, logos, and layout. You can customize your network’s dashboard completely.

customize dashboard feature

I am customizing one and adding some widgets.

adding widgets to dashboard

See how my custom dashboard looks like.


Using this feature, you can make sure that you see the information/statistics that you care about.

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Pricing of Affise SaaS Platform

pricing affise saas

The best part about Affise pricing is that you don’t have to pay for clicks. You only pay for conversions when the pixels are fired.

So, you will never be spending more than you should.

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The marketplace is a section where you can integrate your favorite available affiliate tool to enhance your network. For example, you can integrate Google cloud, Fraudefence for advanced affiliate fraud detection and much more.


CPAPI Automation

While talking about marketing, how can we miss discussing automation?

CPAPI is one of the best creations by Affise which lets you pull and setup the CPA offers from your partner networks. With minimal effort, you can provide as many offers as you want to your affiliates.

Its time to stop manually examining CPA offers and adding it in your network dashboard.

Reviews & Conclusions

Affise is 5 star rated tracking solution for affiliate networks, advertisers and super affiliates. Good number of top-rated affiliate networks have set their affiliate network up on affise tracking only.

In other words, Affise is not just a tracking platform, it is your business assistant as well which guides you and help you succeed in the affiliate marketing industry.

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