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AdsTerra Review – Is it the best Advertising Network?

If you have seen an online advertisement for a product, got curious and clicked on it to know more and then was surprised to see the ad for the same product floating over other websites you visited, Adsterra was likely responsible for that piece of magic which is why we are also doing a review of Adsterra. 


If you then clicked on that advertisement and bought the product, chances are that you were one of the many sales conversion which Adsterra has successfully provided its Clients.

Marketing campaigns have now grown into the digital space where it is much more effective, quantifiable, and manageable as compared to the real world.

 The accessibility to the internet, the ability to create highly customized campaigns, deploy the marketing strategy with the click of a button, and the ability to monitor, and quantify the returns on each campaign make digital marketing highly attractive. 

Adsterra services offer you all these capabilities and boost your digital advertising campaigns with an expert touch.

About Adsterra

Adsterra is a global advertising network. With a host of ready to deploy ad templates to choose from which are customizable and an efficient business model, Adsterra managed to garner one billion impressions in the very first year by 2014. The rapid growth of the digital market and service trusted by customers around the world has led to the spectacular growth of Adsterra. Today, Adsterra has created a name for high-quality service and accumulated impressive statistics in terms of their service quality.

  • Impressions per month: 30 billion
  • GEOs: it’s global. 248 worldwide
  • Number of campaigns run: Over 100K

From its Mediterranean locale, Adsterra caters to the digital marketing campaigns of brands all over the world. With core values aimed at staying ahead of the curve and building customer trust, Adsterra has become an important name in the digital advertisement space.

Adsterra Specialities

The range of unique features offered by Adsterra is broadly categorized into two depending on whether you are an advertiser or a publisher. As an advertiser, Adsterra provides you a perfect tool to customize and deploy advertisement campaigns online with a high conversion rate. As a publisher, Adsterra offers you an opportunity to monetize your website and become a part of the Adsterra network of advertisement space while earning money in the process.

For advertisers, the Adsterra services have four primary components:

  • Personal Account Manager: Adsterra team provides you a personal account manager to offer professional advice on advertisement campaigns. Adsterra team has advertisement professionals who have successfully managed many large advertisement campaigns and you get to avail of this expertise as a part of their service.
  • Security: Adsterra team provides both in-house developed and third-party solutions for fraud detection and protection to safeguard your ad campaign and brand reputation. 
  • Pricing Models: Adsterra offers different types of payment plans for doing ad campaigns with them like:
  • CPM – Cost per Mille or Cost per thousand impressions
  • CPA – Cost per Action in the campaign
  • CPL – Cost per Lead
  • CPC – Cost per Click
  • CPI – Cost per Install
  • RTB
  • Reporting: You can get real-time reporting of the performance of your advertisement campaign to know about the effectiveness of your campaign and make adjustments where required.

For publishers, Adsterra offers an opportunity to monetize your website with advertisements and become a part of the Adsterra network. There are two main ways to make money with Adsterra for publishers:

 – monetize all of your traffic (websites, blogs, social networks, etc.)

– earn money without having to do any work with our lifelong referral program for publishers (5%)

Why choose Adsterra?

There are several reasons to go for Adsterra as your partner for digital marketing campaigns. Here’s a list of few key points:

  • Expertise: Adsterra team has professional expertise in the online advertisement campaigns and can offer insights into structuring your advertisement strategy for maximum effectiveness and conversion.
  • Adsterra’s Partner Care program. Adsterra has a great multilingual support team that is ready to answer any inquiries 24/7. All our managers have completed a unique in-house training program called Adsterra’s Partner Care Approach. We believe that our clients are our equal partners. We invest in long-term relationships with partners.
  • Success Stories: Adsterra website presents numerous case studies of successfully managed advertisement campaigns which resulted in increased sales volumes and ROI many times the investment.
  • Reach: Adsterra has a wide network of affiliate websites and publishers allow them to place your advertisement in over 248 GEOs (all over the world) and customize your campaign to suit local markets.
  • Timely payment to publishers: Adsterra offers timely payments to publishers in their ad network (they pay twice a month on fixed days). This has resulted in a wide network of websites.


Adsterra offers a host of features in their services like:

  • Variety of Ad units: Adsterra supports all widely used forms of online advertisements and also ads a few of their exclusive formats like:
  • Popunders
  • Social Bar (brand new!)
  • Web Push
  • Native Ads
  • Video pre-rolls
  • Banners
  • Direct Link (for publishers)
  • Adsterra SSP

Adsterra Self -Service Platform is an easy tool to manage and launch your campaign on your own. The user interface is simple and the platform allows you to create and launch advertisement campaigns quickly. 

Which ad formats are available for Self-Service Platform?

  • Popunders (CPM, CPA)
  • Social Barnew (CPM, CPC)
  • Web Push (CPM, CPC)
  • Native Ads (CPM,CPC) 
  • Intelligent Targeting

Adsterra allows you to customize your advertisements for over 248 GEOs and facilitate better reach. It places the ads on websites that have specific keywords to make the ad campaign more effective and for higher conversion. Adsterra ad formats are easily customizable and are compatible with all browsers and devices allowing better coverage.

  • Retargeting

Studies have shown that the percentage of customers who purchase a product at the first click of an advertisement is very low. Most customers require more than one visit to the website to make a conversion. Adsterra platform automatically places a cookie on the first visit of the website so that the ads appear on the potential customers’ browsers even after leaving the page. This promotes the return of many customers and higher conversion rates.

  • Integration with other systems

Adsterra platform allows easy integration with other applications like Voluum, AdPlexity, Keitaro, HasOffers, Cake, Tune, AppFlyers and the like to enhance its capabilities and provide you information on traffic and volume.

  • Optimization features

Optimization tools in the Adsterra platform allows you to optimize your campaigns and costs by setting budget caps, controlling the time and frequency of ad display, and optimize value for money.

  • Real-Time Bidding

Real-Time Bidding is a feature where Adsterra offers access to over 1.5 billion impressions per month and sells traffic at the best price through RTB partners.

Pros & Cons


Adsterra offers many advantages like:

  • Great ad formats
  • Wide network and coverage
  • RTB partners and affiliates
  • Targeting options in the SSP
  • Optimization tools to fine-tune your campaign
  • Performance measurement in real-time
  • Retargeting
  • Custom bid


A few disadvantages of Adsterra are:

  • Documentary confirmation required for a few actions
  • Traffic and measurement are restricted to clicks, visits, and not further segmentation details like demographics, preferences, etc.


Adsterra offers a wide variety of payment options for you to choose from based on your advertising strategy to optimize costs like CPA, CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, and RTB as discussed previously.

The minimum deposit required for the beginning is USD $100

Once you make the deposit, you can build your ad campaign, select templates, customize, select your preferred payment plan, and choose your bid. The higher the bid the more impressions will be generated. Adsterra uses a Real-Time Bidding option to optimize your costs based on traffic and business needs.

The minimum bid price depends on the type of advertisements you want to display and use for your campaign.

Adsterra SSP also provides additional tools for cost optimization like setting a budget cap and real-time performance metrics to enhance your ad campaign.

Payments for advertising can be made using QIWI, Yandex Money, Paxum, ePayments, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Wire transfer, Credit card.

Final verdict 

Adsterra offers a convenient tool to structure and manage your digital advertising campaign. Along with expert advice and consulting to enhance your campaign, Adsterra is the perfect solution for your business marketing. 

A repertoire of successfully managed advertisement campaigns with billions of impressions and a high conversion rate offer confidence in the effectiveness of the Adsterra platform and its services. Adsterra allows you to establish your footprint in the digital market with the click of a few buttons.