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AdOperator Review – Innovative Ad Network

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If there is one thing that has taken the world of affiliate marketing swept away, it is push ads. We see a lot of ad networks adopt this format nowadays. This is probably because the adverts are being sent directly to the user’s device as a notification.

Many of these users interact with the advertisement as messages, and the push notifications do have a conversion rate. 

Before we go on to details about the AdOperator Review, we must understand the topic at a discussion here. After the end of this review, you will get to know if you should be investing your money and time into something like this! So read along. 

What is AdOperator is one of the top ad networks that have taken to this ad format and has shown a considerable increase in business. There is a self-service platform which helps you to make purchases on Web Push Traffic, popunder and in-page from any location. has more than 150 million impressions daily just for Popunders.

What Does AdOperator Offer? 

They have a large store of legit publisher sites from various niches for push ads. You will easily be able to use the CPC bidding model for all your campaigns. You can always target people who can probably convert. Use special filters, black and white lists, mobile operator targeting, and IP. 

Here, you can observe all the detailed stats of your campaigns. You can, therefore, make your critical decisions. You can again add the necessary funds to your account using various methods like PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, Visa or MasterCard. It works on a prepayment basis. 

You can deposit a minimum amount of $500 using wire transfer and $100 using cards, paypal, crypto (btc, ltc, eth, xrp), capitalist, webmoney, payoneer, credit or debit cards. You will also have your Commission covered when using PayPal, credit card and wire transfer. The Commission is relatively small for Paxum and ePayments, though. 

Some top converting verticals on AdOperator are: 

  • E-commerce
  • Crypto and fintech 
  • Dating and social sites 
  • Mobile apps and wap subscription
  • Utility apps and extensions 

Account Creation 

Follow these simple and easy steps to proceed to creating your own account on AdOperator. 

Click on Signup

  • Input your credentials
  • Click on Register 
  • Click on the link that they would send you on your email ID to verify your account
  • The first page is your dashboard. 
  • Create, optimize, edit ad campaigns and budgets very easily and quickly. 
  • All menus can be explored on the left side of the page. 

The Campaign tab gives users the option to create push, in-page, popunder.

The Reports Section gives you all details of your campaigns in a much organized way. Sort your data according to date, country, campaign and SubID. 

The Billing section gives you the ability to view your billing history and to add funds to your account. AdOperator will accept payment from PayPal, CryptoPay, Paxum, credit card, Wire, webmoney. You will have your Commission covered only for Credit card, webmoney, paypal. 

Users bear responsibility for the Commission for wire transfer and Paxum. 

With the My Profile Tab, of the right upper corner, you can change your account settings and credentials. 

Have answers to all your queries with the help of the Support Tab. Get your answers with FAQs, manuals and also issue tickets. 

Create Your Campaign 

Campaign and Budget 

First, think of a name for your campaign before focusing on the creatives. Next, upload your creatives. Please make sure they’re in line with AdOperator advertising rules. Enter the title, URL, description and the icon (192*192) and the image. Set up the maximum and minimum bid price for the click. 

Once you are finished with these steps mentioned above, it is time to see your work’s preview and how it looks on Android and Windows devices. has integrations with Binom, Voluum, Keitaro, RedTrack, FunnelFlux trackers and many more. You can use them to generate smart data analytics regarding your traffic.

After that, you will need to set a total budget or a daily budget, a default CPC and a cost per IP. You are recommended to use the ASAP budget type for your campaign in case you want more traffic volume. 


Next, you can choose the Geos to target from anywhere on this planet. You will have a campaign that is active every day of the week. This will go on unless you make sure and specify the days the campaign is supposed to run. It will run on all OS and devices by default. 

Analytics and TQ 

You can choose your domains by limiting the traffic sources, IPs and zones. You need to make a goal and set its name and cost per value. Remember that the Smart Bidding option needs a built history of regular traffic volume purchases covered over many days. 


Then you upload your creatives while making sure that the materials don’t breach advertising policies and rules. Make an appropriate description, title and URL along with an image. The process might as well take a few minutes. 

Conversion Tracking

Here is something that you can do. Add this post back to your tracking system to track conversion.{your_parameter}&count={count}&value={value}

  • value – cost of each conversion (default as well as optional value is 0) 
  • c – add the macro to track conversion (example: afd_sub) 
  • count – number of conversions (default as well as optional value is 0) 

Some Tricks 

In order to improve the performance of your campaigns, follow these tips and tricks. 

  • Include a new interactive creative 
  • Target a broader audience
  • Increase the bidding rate of your campaigns
  • Make your landing pages of the campaign better 
  • Try out various content and creatives 

Follow these easy and simple tips if you want to have some more clicks for your campaigns. 

  • Make your ad headlines that are not clickbait but then are catchy. This is to prevent compromising the user experience. 
  • Make sure you do your own research when it comes to knowing your audience. You should know the times they are free and the times they are busy. You will have a suitable time to run your campaigns. 
  • Include catchy pictures related to your service or product. Use high-quality images because you will have a better user engagement this way. 

For Publishers

If you have channels to drive traffic for the advertisers, you can sign up as a publisher and add the advertising code on your websites or landing pages.

You earn money with AdOperator on the CPC basis and get paid via your favorite payment method such as Wire, PayPal, Paxum, BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, WebMoney or Capitalist once your balance reaches $50.

The Referral Program

You can also earn extra money with the referral program of AdOperator. It gives you access to make 7% of everything they earn for the life of any advertiser you refer to AdOperator. Every partner who will sign up using your referral link will be linked to you.

  • Lifetime earnings with the advertisers you refer
  • Get paid via PayPal or Capitalist
  • Minimum threshold is just $50

The Final Verdict 

AdOoperator is, without a doubt, one of the best Ad Networks for push ads. You can have better customization of your page and use them extensively to run better campaigns. 

You cannot surpass the daily limit of total traffic or budget too. Have a chance to gain traffic with this network now. Take some time to learn and understand the basics of its features. Take help from the support section if you do not understand something. They provide 24*7 assistance.