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Top 8 Ad Exchanges List of 2018

An ad exchange is a marketplace where both advertisers and publishers are allowed to advertise and publish through various advertising platforms, mostly by real-time bidding. They follow an intense technological approach unlike the opposed approach of negotiating online. Users can easily take their business to greater heights by knowing the target audience through smart digital ad solutions. Examine your business variation as well as advertisement goals and opt a suitable one from the wide range of ad impressions from ad exchange pool. Often, they are used to exchange display, video and online ad inventory. With the help of as exchange platforms, a better and smart marketing of a brand is possible.

Various publishers create remarkable ad impressions which are selected by any of the advertisers, who finds that particular impression suitable for all his attributes. These attributes may include, the place of business,  what kind of audience they are looking for, etc. Also, the advertiser or agency that raises the highest bid, wins.


doubleclick by google

Doubleclick is one the best Ad exchange among all other such platforms in the world. It is sharply focussed on delivering the most effective, and global digital marketplace, where publishers, buyers, ad agencies and DSPs can buy and sell inventory.



This is a global RTB platform with billions of ad formats that has resolved all issues that could occur while promoting a particular brand. It delivers reliable analytics, has an easy integration leading to optimized revenue.



It is a self-serving ad exchange that gives the string in the hands of its users so that they can differentiate, analyze and re-examine their business. AppNexus has earned a leading identity in the US and it is very promising to those who wish to monetize through an ad exchange.

Rubicon Project Exchange:

rubicon project exchange

Rubicon brings several buyers and sellers together on a robust advertising place where there are all best possibilities of making brilliant profits. Rubicon Project Exchange leverages over 5000 algorithms, does not hesitate in customizing according to publishers’ demands but has a restraint of at least 5 million page views per month.



No wonder Mopub is the largest platform for ad exchange purposes as it provides access to around 10000+ apps over and all, again making itself the largest RTB platform in the world. There is a pro of Mopub, which is, it does not have any specific traffic coverage limits for small businesses.



This is another open exchange place that lets you access the qualitative global ad dealers. Advertising spaces are bought by placing real-time bids. They are obsessed with complete modernization of their solutions and rely on the latest technology.



Having a presence in India and Southeast Asia, Vserv had launched a marketplace in 2014, which is now favored by world top-class advertisers. Its authentic data, managed services, and creative solutions have helped it achieve more than 500 million users onboard.



This company offers an integrated technology platform which connects ad servers to RTB exchange platforms. The CPM rates tend to go high with the lowest being 1 USD for partnership. OpenX grants access to only those users, who initially have enough traffic. It is fruitful for enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

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