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Active Revenue – The best Self-serve DSP

The field of advertising helps a company or organization build up its brand in the literal sense. In order to attract more potential customers, a lot of emphasis has to be placed on not just the product but also the tag. An advertiser always aims at creating an ad that will have a lasting impression on the clients, which in turn will help the company earn revenue from the deal.

Creating the brand image of a product means you have to merge many segments of the business, so as to achieve the main goal – a favorable representation of the name in the consumer market. This means that the goods have to be marketed in a specific way to ensure your company becomes a profitable one.

This is how a positive impression can be created along with increasing your brand exposure. These days, online advertising has taken over Traditional advertising, due to the various benefits that come with it.

Digital advertising enables you to:

(i) Ascertain the appropriate consumer population

(ii) Maintain the right consumer expectations

(iii) Supply a lot of resources to your consumers which can not just optimize your profits but also increase your clientele.

Thus, companies are always on the lookout to try a platform or tool that shall help them in achieving their business goals quicker. One such network immensely popular is ActiveRevenue which with its latest secure technology backed by relevant industry experience offers intelligent solutions to both media buyers and advertisers. Let’s read in detail in the ActiveRevenue Review written below.

Let’s start by knowing what is Self-Serve marketing?

Self-Serve Marketing/Advertising refers to advertisements where no sales representatives are needed to sell the product.

Self-service programs enable marketing to be quite easier for most of the small businesses which do not have any persuasive visual advertisements. This is done by way of text advertisements rather than opting for banner advertisements.

Most of the time, self-service advertising is correlated with micro-advertising programs as well as text ads. Though the terms aren’t

synonymous, they have a common goal, which is efficiency.

ActiveRevenue – What is It?

active revenue review

ActiveRevenue refers to a self-serve DSP that allows marketers to connect the high-performance ad assets, competitive pricing, granular targeting, and other tools for optimization. It is nothing but self-serve marketing or advertising.

ActiveRevenue – A Demand Side Platform (DSP) for Advertising

ActiveRevenue also is a self-serve DSP for various marketing agencies and professionals. With a combination of progressive secure technology and experience in the industry, it offers intelligent and smart solutions to media buyers and advertisers. Using the correct DSP could simplify the agency’s marketing campaigns and significantly enhance the efforts. By placing the ads right in front of your target audience could give a great boost to the rate of conversion, thereby increasing the profits.

So, what exactly is a Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

A DSP is a kind of software that is used by marketing specialists for buying programmatic ads. Generally, DSPs make use of real-time auctions and acquire advertising places. The goal is to purchase a place on a website for the advertisement and then display them to their viewers, who satisfy the requirements of the client at a low price.

A DSP is normally employed by marketing teams, or ad agencies or even outsourced advertisers. They offer a specific interface that gives ease of access to exchange ads, advertising networks, etc. They also enable a client to buy rich video ads, media ads, mobile ads, as well as native ads. Also, the entire process of buying ads is automated.

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DSP – How does it work?

It is quite easy to understand the functioning of a demand-side platform. All you have to do is imagine there is a program, that is aware of the target audience of your business and is aware of the budget allotted for ad expenditure. This data is utilized to look out for websites that are visited regularly by the target audience. Once this data is collected, the cheapest of ad spaces is singled out by the program. Post this, the supply-side platform is contacted by the program and this enables website owners to sell the ad space. An auction is initiated by the SSP. Undoubtedly, the one with the highest bid gets the ad space. So, your ad is immediately placed on the correct website and can be viewed by your target audience.

There are plenty of demand-side platform firms these days that cater to a huge audience. However, there is just a handful that caters to the various requirements of distinct firms at one go. At Active Revenue, which is a self-serve DSP,  marketing professionals could obtain a complete set of services on programmatic advertising as per their requirements, irrespective of the company type.

ActiveRevenue – What does it offer?

ActiveRevenue offers:

(i) Software

(ii) Advanced technologies

(iii) Equipment

(iv) Specialist approaches for both marketers as well as content consumers

By using broad targeting tools along with marketing firms, you can strategically reach your audience to ensure that consumers perceive ads and offers.

Traffic pulling is an essential element that is required to attract a lot of buyers as well as tourists. This is why tapping of global traffic is what ActiveRevenue offers you successfully. ActiveRevenue is AdventureFeeds Network’s daughter product, which is a highly appreciated and very popular network. ActiveRevenue has a support team that is highly supportive and they are always available to assist you, right from the planning phase to make sure their relationship with you is well-maintained.

Targeting The Audience


These days, if you are location-oriented, geo-targeting can be used through which the base goals can be narrowed down. This can be done across towns, countries, and a lot more. ActiveRevenue features are browser-specific, wherein you can select the app where you want your ads to be displayed.

Another aspect that is important is Interest targeting, as it allows you to be specific as well as attention-grabbing so that you reach those people who show interest in your brand. Through this, you can address phones, networks, desktop as well as mobile operating systems.

It is essential to pass via the right keyword. Better results could be attained when you approach visitors based on these keyword searches. ActiveRevenue has all the required resources as well as advanced solutions for this kind of target-based advertising. So, you can easily select from the various services they offer depending on your goals and it can help you reach the aim of your advertisements successfully.

Traffic and Target Analysis

For any specific website, the creation of traffic indicates having the standard flow of visitors all through the day. The higher the web traffic, the higher visits and feeds of potential customers will be received by the website. This increase in exposure activates all the communication channels of the website. ActiveRevenue manages to bring out such traffic flows from all over the world. Huge volume traffic ensures that your ranking in the search result pages of search engines lies in the top list. Therefore, if you can receive more visitors, you can offer more products and thereby grow your market more effectively.

Dedicated Support Team

No matter what issue you face during the process, ActiveRevenue has a very attentive and supportive support group. They will give you the guidelines which have been set by certified and experienced officials. You can access your dashboard to monitor the kit reports in detail and check how it fairs. Once you sign up with this product and log in to begin your work, you can get access to your dashboard. For every single advertiser to appreciate the input received, what is important is clarity of detail and information And this is managed well by ActiveRevenue.

Advertising Formats

ActiveRevenue accepts 4 main styles of ads:

  1. Pop-unders

Pop Unders captivate the user’s imagination once the window of the app is minimized. It makes sure that you can focus the ad itself on the target population. With the help of ActiveRevenue services, this is quite less expensive and is very competitive.

  1. Domain Redirect

This is popularly called Zero-Click traffic. Even if a user wrongly types your URL, he/she gets redirected to the landing page of your website in the very same window.

The traffic of Domain Redirect is called warm traffic, which means that they offer gets displayed to those users who already are actively looking out for a particular product. The majority of such zero-click traffic arrives from similar “mistakes” like typing out “”  rather than typing “”, or even typos like “” rather than typing  “”.

Unlike the ad formats like pops or even banners, a domain redirect generally will not hamper the experience of the buyer. As it targets those people who already are hunting for a particular product which is quite relevant to an offer advertised by you, the zero-traffic will lead to a high rate of conversion and a low churn rate. Also, you do not require a huge number of visits to earn money. All you require is the right targeting, like the right keywords along with a/b testing.

  1. Push Ad Notifications:

These are a very popular format of ads at present. However, it does not mean that you have to use them in all the offers. Push ads will perform well if they are integrated with the offers that are obtained from particular verticals. Mobile advertisers can benefit from the convenience offered by these ads along with value traffic.

As a matter of fact, push ads perform best when combined with offers that come from specific verticals

Branding Models: Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Impression (CPM)

The systems of CPC and CPM have been introduced to make sure that you can select if you wish to opt for a cost per experience or the cost per click model. More traffic gets created by viewing as well as liking the advertisement. A bid can be placed and you can pay for the number of CPM and CPC you have received, based on the model chosen.

ActiveRevenue has fixed competitive pricing expectations, which makes sure that you do not need to pay more than what is required. An investment would give you positive exposure and the advertising creates a high-page ranking along with user recognition. It becomes quite easy to attract many potential customers.

Follow-ups on the Dashboard

With ActiveRevenue, once you sign up, the dashboard shows any aspect that you operate on. It has very straightforward information related to how your ads perform in the competition. It also has many categories and filters. It also offers detailed statistics of all your goal projects, formats, and designs. Everything is identified explicitly with opinions, reported data, earnings as well as perceptions, which helps you to keep track of the documentation and effectively handle the material.

You can easily create all the campaigns and promotions with the help of all the categories offered in your dashboard. Depending on your affordability and preference, the model can be selected and you can begin managing your ads.

You will be given the following:

  • Viewers
  • Detailed view of keywords
  • Budget Forecast, Number of competitors
  • Various countries where it is reflected
  • Maximum and minimum bid placed
  • Potential viewers when the keyword centric campaigns are evaluated

All these give you a very comprehensive view of the goals that are based on keywords.

Also, they have created a particular list of domains which can help you add your advertising requirements in the new domains. They can also be erased as per the need.

Referral Program

ActiveRevenue network does have some offers on referrals.

You could invite friends and depend on the activity of your referral, you could get a bonus of 10%. Additionally, on their first deposit, your friends could get a bonus of 20%.

For additional information on these programs, you could get in touch with the Account Manager.

ActiveRevenue: Best Features 

  1. Dedicated account manager
  2. State/province,City,Zip code targeting
  3. Automatic optimization system
  4. Granular targeting
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